What Kind Of Printing Can Boardway's Foamed PVC Sheet Be Used For?
What Kind Of Printing Can Boardway's Foamed PVC Sheet Be Used For?
Boardway's foamed PVC sheet is widely used in various industries due to its excellent waterproof, light weight, flame retardant, easy printing, and engraving properties. Advertising signs is one of the main applications. PVC free foam board and PVC celuka foam board, as well as PVC co-extruded foam board can be used for printing.
Screen printing
Suitable for no more than 4 single colors in printing at a time. Compared with UV printing, screen printing inks are thicker, so colors end up looking much better. Besides, screen printing costs lower than UV printing.
Silk Printing Factory
UV printing

Compared with screen printing, the colors of UV printing are more comprehensive and more vibrant. When the selected HD image finished layout design and positioning, the printing can start right away.The ink jet printer doesn't limit the minimum quantity of printing, so UV printing is very suitable for small batch production or individual product.
Both two printing methods have high requirements on the surface of PVC foam board, so the surface must be cleaned before printing. To ensure the printing effect, the surface must be free of dust and stain without holes or scratches.

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