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What types of PVC foam boards are available?

PVC foam sheets are used a lot in the sign industry. According to the manufacturing process, there are 3 main types. * PVC free foam sheet from 1-6mm with slightly matt surface, which are very popular for sign with printing. * PVC celuka foam sheet from 3-30mm with smooth surface, which use a lot in sign and building industry, as advertising thick letters, engraving partition panel. * The 3-20mm PVC co-extruded foam sheet produced by new manufacturing technology can not only make the surface high gloss and super hard, but also make the core and surface color different. Because of its excellent surface properties, it is increasingly used in the field of signs, especially for making letters. It also has good engraving property, the edge can be very smooth after processing.  Boardway is a professional manufacturer for PVC foam board, providing PVC foam boards for advertising, furniture, decoration, construction, etc. Boardway also provides customized processing services, such as cut-to-size, CNC engraving, printing, gluing surfaces. Welcome to contact us for more details.

WPC foam sheet with sanding surface

WPC foam sheet which uses a lot for furniture especially tabletop, normally produce with a smooth or texture surface. As the market requirements, customer want more surface options, as a lot of our customers use WPC foam sheet to replace of MDF, for MDF customers normally laminated with melamine. with lamented a thin material, for examples melamine or very thin pvc film, required a very fine surface. For meeting this requirement, boardway provide WPC foam sheet with sanding surface as follows. There are different Mesh of the sanding paper, 180 mesh is the most common one customer order now, which is good for pvc film lamination. If you need to laminate with thinner material for examples melamine, we can provide finer surface. Professional sanding machine, max width is 1220mm, length have not limited. Thickness from 6-30mm. density recommend: 0.6g/cm3 

Pros and Cons of PVC Cabinets

Pros and Cons of PVC cabinets PVC foam board is the best material for making kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. PVC foam board is a kind of uniform foamed, rigid lightweight PVC plastic board. Compared with traditional materials, such as MDF, particle board and plywood, the outstanding performance of PVC foam board is waterproof, mildew proof and mothproof. PVC cabinets have an elegant appearance, are easy to maintain, and have a longer service life. BOARDWAY had been dealing with PVC foam sheet more than 10 years, from 1 production line now we have 9 production lines: 2 lines for Free foam board5 lines for Celuka foam board2 lines for Co-extruded board PVC foam sheet can be used in many application, one of the biggest field that our customer apply for is cabinet. So what is the Pros and Cons of PVC cabinets? Pros ● 100% WATER-RESISTANT, it is a perfect material for kitchen.● RESTISTANCE AGAINST TERMITES AND MOLD, no need to worry about this anymore. ● NO CRACKING & SWELLING, can last for long time.● VARIOUS SURFACE OPTIONS, surface can paint to any colors or laminate to pvc film, HPL and aluminium panel.● THERMOFORMABLE, can be shaped under the action of heat.● FIRE RESISTANCE, PVC cabinet is self-extinguishing. Cons ● The cost is higher than the traditional material, for example, MDF and particle board.● It may sag if putting too heavy item on them for long time.● Afraid of bumps and scratches, but once damaged, it is difficult to repair.● It will deform under long-term high temperature (above 70 degrees) operation.If you have any further questions about PVC cabinets, please feel free to contact us.

PVC sheet for door making

PVC sheet for door making Both PVC foam sheet and PVC rigid sheet have many different application, with a good waterproof advantage, they can both use for making door, mainly is for bathroom door. In Thailand because of the high humidity, they are using a lot for their living door, office door as well.  See the below pictures, make from PVC rigid sheet and PVC foam sheet.  How customer make it?  If customer use a PVC foam board, using a 25mm PVC foam sheet directly making it as a full door, or they can also put the foam part in the middle of 2 pvc rigid sheet, see the below pictures, 1st one is full 25mm pvc celuka foam board, 2nd and 3rd pictures is middle PVC foam, top and bottom is 2mm PVC rigid sheet.If using PVC rigid sheet, combine with pvc foam sheet as we mentioned above, but for saving cost, customer will use a cheaper material in the middle, for example, extruded polystyrene foam, honeycomb paper board.  The PVC rigid sheet can also be made by different kind of embossed sueface.These are some popular size and thickness for door making:  PVC foam boardPopular thickness: 3mm , 12mm and 25mm Common size: 800*2150mm, 900*2150mm PVC rigid sheetPopular thickness: 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 2mm Common size: 915*2150mm, 930*2330mm, 975*2175mmIf you would like to know more information, please feel free to contact with us. 

What is the thermal insulation performance of PVC foam board?

Sometimes customers ask us: Is the PVC foam board an insulation material? What is its thermal insulation property? For PVC foam boards of different thicknesses, the thermal conductivity is different. For this reason, we tested the  thermal insulation property of PVC foam boards of different thicknesses. The following are the test results.All materials with average temperature not higher than 350℃ and thermal conductivity less than or equal to 0.12W/m.K are collectively referred to as thermal insulation materials.Based on the above test results, we can conclude that: PVC foam board is not an insulation material.Does it mean that PVC foam board is not suitable as an insulation materials for construction?Actually, that's not true. If you want a better heat insulation property, our solution is to use PVC foam board with an thermal insulation materials. We have two types of heat insulation materials that can be used with PVC foam board.  ❶ Aluminium film bubble without self-adhesiveThis material has two sides of aluminium film, which is suitable for indoor use. Its standard width is 1400mm, standard weight is 280g/sm2. It can be attached to the PVC board with 3M tape.  ❷ Aluminium film EVA foam with self-adhesiveThis material has one side of aluminium film, the other side is adhesive. It is suitable for outdoor use. Its standard width is 1500mm, standard weight is 220g/sm2.  The following is the temperature test done by foreign customers in their factories.With thermal insulation material, pvc foam board can also be a good thermal insulation building material.

PVC transparent sheet with Hot-pressing edge sealing

PVC transparent thin sheet is from 0.02 to 6mm, with the max width 1270mm, which can produce in roll shape and panel shape, can also customize to various width and lenght, the min size we can cut to is A4 size, which is 210*297mm. Due to its light weight, waterproof, highly transparent, non-toxic and other properties, it has been widely used in many industries, such as electronics, chemical tank, package, musical instruments, building materials, tools and so on.Boardway not only produce PVC transparent sheet, we can also customize the final product with our material. We have our own processing department, we can provide CNC engraving, laser cutting, silk screen printing and UV printing, we can also provide hot-pressing edge sealing serivice. Here is a very recent project we just make with hot-pressing edge sealing :  Material: PVC rigid transparent sheet, thickness: 0.25mm, size: customize Advantage: 1. High transparency, can see the pictures very clearly; 2. Good UV resistant, indoor use will not turn yellow;3. Good processing performance, It is not easy to layer after hot pressing4. Low cost Hot-pressing edge sealing process is widely used in the package industry, such as toy packaging:If you have any smilar need, please feel free to contact with us. 

Whether PVC foam board is flame retardant

Whether PVC foam board is flame retardantPVC Foam BoardBecause of its excellent waterproof, lightweight, printable, engraving, easy processing and other performance, is widely used in various industries: advertising, building materials, agriculture, decoration, and automotive industry. For PVC foam board, different application, different usage area have different requirement of flame retardant.Generally speaking, for some big exhibition, like Canton fair; project decoration, for example hospital interior wall decoration project; automotive industry, like interior decoration, these industry have higher requirement of flame retardant.So Whether PVC foam board is flame retardant? The answer is yes, PVC foam board is flame retardant. There is different requirement in China and aboard. The test standards used are also different. The following is the analysis of the test results of Boardway PVC foam board China standard: GB 8624-2012 Classification of combustion performance of building materials and productsBoardway PVC foam board can reach the GB 8624-2012 standard combustion performance grade B1, smoke grade S2, and burning drop grade D0. Please refer to the test report in below.American Materials Association Standards: ASTME84-16 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, Boardway PVC foam board can reach the combustion performance grade A of ASTME84-16, here is the test result: French test standard for fire resistance of building materials NF P 92-507:2004 Fire Safety-Building interior fitting materialsBoardway PVC foam board can reach M1 of NF P 92-507:2004. Please refer to the following test report.

Maintenance And Care For The PVC Foam Board

Maintenance And Care For The PVC Foam BoardPVC sheet is a high quality polymer board that can be sued in a number of innovative application. It is waterproof, lightweight and is ideal material for all types of cabinetry. It is able to be produced in a range of ,thickness and colors .And it is very popular as panels, doors of cabinet, construction and wall sheeting Therefore it is very important to maintenance and care them daily .Now let’s share some tips for it:1)PVC sheet should be cleaned with a clean dry or damp cloth. If necessary one of any common household cleaners,such as glass cleaners, detergent can be used. The cleaning solution should be applied and wiped dry immediately.                                                             2) No cleaners solution should be left to stand on the board for an extended period3) Harsh Cleaners with glycol ethers or ethanol type solvents and/or isopropyl alcohol can soften the board coating,if left on for as little as several minutes(product dependent) and as such should be used cautiously or avoid totally.4)Citrus cleaners, abrasive cleaners and solvents such as acetone,paint (remover ) striper and (paint) lacquer thinner are NOT recommended for cleaning  

How to do painting on PVC/WPC foam sheet ?

      How to do painting on PVC/WPC foam sheet ?Most customers who use PVC foam sheet or WPC foam sheet for furniture .    Always ask :Can we paint on PVC/WPC foam sheet?   How to paint it?  What kind of paint can we use?Here is some tips for you: 1. Can we paint on PVC/WPC foam sheet?Yes PVC/WPC fam sheet can be paint. 2. How to do painting on PVC/WPC foam sheet? 1st step : Sand the boards with 220-grit sand paper or a sanding block to create a textured surface for the paint and primer. 2nd step: Wipe the PVC with a cloth to get rid of particles or dirt created from sanding3rd step: Apply a thin coat of the primer/sealer made for plastics to the PVC foam sheet with a stiff natural bristle brush. Let the boards dry for about an hour, and then apply a second coat with a foam brush in long, even strokes. Let the second coat dry fully, which takes one or two hours. 4th step: Apply a coat of acrylic latex paint in your desired color/finish with a foam brush, roller or electric paint sprayer. You may need to apply multiple coats.If need more informations , plz feel free to contact with us . 

Can PVC foam board be used outdoors?

Every customer pays attention to these questions when purchasing plastic products for outdoor use: Is this material suitable for outdoor use? After being affected by external conditions such as sunlight, temperature changes, wind and rain, will there be a series of aging performance such as discoloration, cracking, chalking, and strength reduction? Judge the weather resistance of plastic products. The first is to observe the discoloration of the surface of the product during outdoor use. The second is the impact strength and tensile strength of the product after aging. The discoloration of the product directly affects the appearance of the product and affects the aesthetics. The rate of change of product residual strength directly affects the service life of the product. Aging of plastic products is a complex process. Different materials and different environments have different aging performance and aging speed. So, can PVC foam board be used outdoors? The answer is yes. For a long time, PVC foam boards have been widely used in the fields of outdoor building decoration, outdoor advertising, ships, furniture and so on. As for PVC foam board, Boardway has a product line for outdoor use. Different from ordinary PVC foam boards, outdoor PVC foam boards are added with additives to improve the weather resistance according to the customer area and the actual environment. It can effectively improve the heat resistance, sunlight resistance and weather resistance of PVC foam boards, improve the physical and chemical properties of PVC foam boards, delay the color change of outdoor use, and extend the service life. Actual case: Comparison of Outdoor PVC Foam Board and New PVC foam board sample 1. The picture below shows a cabinet made of PVC foam board in July 2009. The cabinet is not painted, and it is directly installed on the balcony after assembly, which is considered a semi-outdoor use environment.2. The picture was taken in January 2020, that is, the cabinet has been used for more than 10 years.3. In contrast to the cabinet is a sample of ivory white PVC foam board just cut from the production line.Conclusion:1. After using the cabinet for 10 years on the balcony, it looks white overall.2. When comparing the cabinet with the new PVC foam board sample, it can be seen that the overall color of the cabinet has slightly yellowed uniformly.3. The PVC foam board on the cabinet does not appear deformed or powdered, and can continue to be used normally. Outdoor application scenarios of PVC foam board: Recycled Clothes CabinetExterior Wall Decorative PanelsExternal Window ShadingSign BoardGuidepostLetters AdSemi-outdoor: Barbecue TableYacht Furniture

The Advantage of PVC Formwork Panel

PVC construction formwork belong to a kind ofPVC foam board, using cellular processing, make some special adjustments basedon the basic PVC foam sheet formulation, specially improved the impact strengthin order to fit for formwork application. As a new material PVC buildingtemplate has the following advantages:No-shrink, don'twet up, no crack, waterproof, mold proof, won’t rot, no rust, very suitable for use on thesite, regardless of wind and rain can reduce the difficulty of construction.1. Strong universality, can be widely used in variousprojects.                          Normal building                                                    High speed train station                                                              Bridge2. Good plasticity. It can be heated into different shapes,especially for bridge construction.3. One-time molding, cost saving.Project surface is much smoother than using plywood formwork,no need for secondary plastering, saving labor and material.4. Lightweight, easy joint, with strong adaptability. It can be sawed, planed, drilled and nailed, and can be composed into any geometric shape at will to meet the needs of building supporting molds of various shapes.5. High utilization rate, can be used repeatedly. The general plywood formwork, use 3-4 times, better one can be used 5-7 times; PVC building template can be used repeatedly up to 25 times.6. Customized size. It can be customized non-standard width, non-standard length, on line cutting, reduce loss, reduce the processing time on the site. 

What Kind Of Printing Can Boardway's Foamed PVC Sheet Be Used For?

What Kind Of Printing Can Boardway's Foamed PVC Sheet Be Used For? Boardway's foamed PVC sheet is widely used in various industries due to its excellent waterproof, light weight, flame retardant, easy printing, and engraving properties. Advertising signs is one of the main applications. PVC free foam board and PVC celuka foam board, as well as PVC co-extruded foam board can be used for printing. Screen printing Suitable for no more than 4 single colors in printing at a time. Compared with UV printing, screen printing inks are thicker, so colors end up looking much better. Besides, screen printing costs lower than UV printing. Silk Printing Factory UV printingCompared with screen printing, the colors of UV printing are more comprehensive and more vibrant. When the selected HD image finished layout design and positioning, the printing can start right away.The ink jet printer doesn't limit the minimum quantity of printing, so UV printing is very suitable for small batch production or individual product. Both two printing methods have high requirements on the surface of PVC foam board, so the surface must be cleaned before printing. To ensure the printing effect, the surface must be free of dust and stain without holes or scratches.

What kind of PVC foam board is suitable for my application?

What kind of PVC foam board is suitable for my application? 1.Choose according to the thickness of the product If the required thickness of the foam sheet is less than 3mm, then PVC free foam sheet is preferred;If the required thickness is higher than 20mm, PVC celuka foam sheet should be given priority.  2. To choose according to the application Digital printing: 1mm-6mm PVC free foam board performs very well with its excellent matted effect which enables the ink to have a stronger adhesion to the foam board surface. Engraving PVC foam board used for engraving should be rigid with fine and homogenous closed cell structure. That is why most customers choose PVC celuka foam board with 3mm thickness for engraving. Bathroom cabinet The shapes on the cabinet door or cabinet panel are usually processed by hot bending, using PVC celuka foam board thicker than 12mm. Different from PVC celuka foam board, PVC co-extruded foam board is produced by two moulds at the same time, to say, one for core layer, the other one for two surface skins. So, it is likely that there will be some cracks between the core layer and surface skins under hot bending. Tabletop PVC co-extruded foam board is perfect fit for restaurants, buffet lines or cocktail parties due to its extruded rigid and smooth finishes on both sides. Ambulance interior cabinet PVC co-extruded foam board is a good choice for ambulance interior cabinets as well.

When we engrave on a PVC foam board, how can we ensure its engraving surface is smooth?

When we engrave on a PVC foam board, how can we ensure its engraving surface is smooth? PVC foam board, an ideal material that is widely used in advertising, furniture cabinets and interior decoration etc. PVC foam boards are often used to engrave into a variety of designed shapes. So how can an engraving surface be smooth without burrs, showing a beautiful appearance? There are some tips for your reference. Material Choose a PVC foam board suitable for engraving. From the technical point of view, PVC celuka foam board should be given priority, followed by PVC co-extruded foam board and PVC free foam board; In terms of density, try to choose the foam board with a density higher than 0.5g/cm3; In terms of the appearance, select a foam board without bubbles in the cross section.The quality of PVC foam board is a key factor that contributes to the smoothness in the engraving.                     Engraving Partition Wall Engraving Tool First, the appropriate engraving tool should be selected according to the design pattern. There are many types of engraving tools, of which the diameter, length, and shapes are different. Single blade, double blade, flat bottom, pointed bottom and round bottom; diameter ranging from 3.175mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm etc. And then comes to cylindrical shape, V-shaped and slotted shaped etc. Secondly, the long-term use of the engraving tool will cause itself to wear seriously and become blunt, resulting in a non-smooth cutting surface. Therefore, it is necessary to change the tool regularly to ensure a smooth cutting surface. It is advised to choose the right tool and carefully observe it during the engraving process. If the cutting surface is not smooth, please replace the tool in time. Path settings for engraving toolBoth the path setting of the engraving tool and its rotating directionhave a great influence on the smoothness of the cutting surface. You can improve the smoothness of the cutting surface by changing the tool’s direction in the software.For example, when producing embossing effect on the board and trimming straight edges along it, we can use the pointed knife to make surface engraving. Then, change to straight knife for trimming. So you can see this is a process that is completed by two types of engraving tools.If the customer does not require the edge of the product to be straight, then it is usually carved and cut with only a pointed knife, saving the trouble of changing knifes during the process. However, the finished cutting will be a bit angled. Some customers with low requirements think it acceptable, and the processing price is relatively cheaper. If the customer wants the cutting edge to be straight, it must be cut with a straight knife and the processing cost will increase. The straight knife is trimming. Rotating speed and running speed of the engraving toolThe engraving tool that rotates and runseither too fast or too slowly will result in rough engraving. Therefore, we should adjust the rotating and running speed to find a balance between engraving effect and economic benefit. Apart from that, we need to sum up experience during the process to find the most suitable rotating and running speed.