The Advantage of PVC Formwork Panel

The Advantage of PVC Formwork Panel

PVC construction formwork belong to a kind ofPVC foam board, using cellular processing, make some special adjustments basedon the basic PVC foam sheet formulation, specially improved the impact strengthin order to fit for formwork application. 

As a new material PVC buildingtemplate has the following advantages:

No-shrink, don'twet up, no crack, waterproof, mold proof, won’t rot, no rust, very suitable for use on thesite, regardless of wind and rain can reduce the difficulty of construction.

1. Strong universality, can be widely used in variousprojects.

                          Normal building                                                    High speed train station                                                              Bridge

2. Good plasticity. It can be heated into different shapes,especially for bridge construction.

3. One-time molding, cost saving.

Project surface is much smoother than using plywood formwork,no need for secondary plastering, saving labor and material.

4. Lightweight, easy joint, with strong adaptability. It can be sawed, planed, drilled and nailed, and can be composed into any geometric shape at will to meet the needs of building supporting molds of various shapes.

5. High utilization rate, can be used repeatedly. The general plywood formwork, use 3-4 times, better one can be used 5-7 times; PVC building template can be used repeatedly up to 25 times.

6. Customized size. It can be customized non-standard width, non-standard length, on line cutting, reduce loss, reduce the processing time on the site.