Can PVC foam board be used outdoors?

Can PVC foam board be used outdoors?

Every customer pays attention to these questions when purchasing plastic products for outdoor use: Is this material suitable for outdoor use? After being affected by external conditions such as sunlight, temperature changes, wind and rain, will there be a series of aging performance such as discoloration, cracking, chalking, and strength reduction?


Judge the weather resistance of plastic products. The first is to observe the discoloration of the surface of the product during outdoor use. The second is the impact strength and tensile strength of the product after aging. The discoloration of the product directly affects the appearance of the product and affects the aesthetics. The rate of change of product residual strength directly affects the service life of the product.


Aging of plastic products is a complex process. Different materials and different environments have different aging performance and aging speed.


So, can PVC foam board be used outdoors? The answer is yes. For a long time, PVC foam boards have been widely used in the fields of outdoor building decoration, outdoor advertising, ships, furniture and so on.


As for PVC foam board, Boardway has a product line for outdoor use. Different from ordinary PVC foam boards, outdoor PVC foam boards are added with additives to improve the weather resistance according to the customer area and the actual environment. It can effectively improve the heat resistance, sunlight resistance and weather resistance of PVC foam boards, improve the physical and chemical properties of PVC foam boards, delay the color change of outdoor use, and extend the service life.


Actual case: Comparison of Outdoor PVC Foam Board and New PVC foam board sample 

1. The picture below shows a cabinet made of PVC foam board in July 2009. The cabinet is not painted, and it is directly installed on the balcony after assembly, which is considered a semi-outdoor use environment.

2. The picture was taken in January 2020, that is, the cabinet has been used for more than 10 years.

3. In contrast to the cabinet is a sample of ivory white PVC foam board just cut from the production line.


1. After using the cabinet for 10 years on the balcony, it looks white overall.

2. When comparing the cabinet with the new PVC foam board sample, it can be seen that the overall color of the cabinet has slightly yellowed uniformly.

3. The PVC foam board on the cabinet does not appear deformed or powdered, and can continue to be used normally.


Outdoor application scenarios of PVC foam board:


Recycled Clothes Cabinet

Exterior Wall Decorative Panels

External Window Shading

Sign Board


Letters Ad



Barbecue Table

Yacht Furniture