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Loading & Packing

Loading & Packing

What are the loading methods for the goods?

Effective loading requires both cargo safety and unloading safety. For plastic sheets, we have large size sheets, such as 1.22 x 2.44m, 1.56 x 3.05m, 2.05 x 3.05m, and small size sheets after sawing, or some irregular shapes after cnc engraving. In addition, for some customized products that are processed by thermal bending or welding, they are usually three-dimensional. These are the loadings that we are good at and often do. Horizontal and vertical placement for large size sheets Horizontal placement for large size sheets Loading for small size sheets or irregular shapes After years of loading and exporting, We have gained rich experience in loading any single or mixed loading of different packaging products, so as to make full use of space, keep the goods from damage and ensure the safety for unloading workers.If you want to know the loading quantity of the products you need, or want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.

What packing methods do we provide?

Packaging plays an important role in the products itself, especially for import and export business. Effective packing can ensure that the plastic sheets are not damaged during long-term transportation and multi-way transit, and can also prevent the plastic sheets from bending and deforming when stored in the warehouse. Our standard packing material for exporting plastic boards include PE bags, cardboard, plywood pallets, fumigated solid wood pallets, and metal pallets.For wholesaler type clients, we recommend using carton packaging or PE bag packaging. 2~6  plastic boards can be packed into one package, which is convenient for direct delivery to buyers and inventory data recording.For processing and manufacturing clients, we recommend more environmentally friendly packaging methods, such as pallet packaging, so as to reduce the amount of paper used. The pallets can be reused many times. PE bags Cardboard Plywood pallets / fumigated solid wood pallets Metal pallets We provide customized packaging services. In order to facilitate identification and inventory management, we can put labels on product packaging, including product information, lot number, barcode.If the product will be delivered directly to your buyer, your logo can be printed on the outer packaging of the product. If it is a processed plastic products, and it will be sold directly in the online shop or store, we can provide customized inner packaging and outer packaging with printing.If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.

What type of package we could offer?

What type of package we could offer? As you know the package is very important for the long-distance transportation, especially for some fragile products.Today we will share our professional package to you, the products include:compact door, PVC foam board, customized PVC Panel,Quartz stone and the cement board.High pressure laminate (Compact door )1. Clear the compact door, then use the PE film wrap them to protecting scratching.2. Then put them into carton with hinge and handle,stick the label.3. Put on the Pallet and load into container.4. Or bulk package on the pallet directly, then deliver them by truck. PVC Foam board 1. Pack some pieces together by PE or Kraft paper.2. Bulk package on the pallet.3. Pack into the carton. 4. Both-side film on surface and load into container directly.(Usually It is for the special size, for example 3.0meter, 5.9meter length)Customized PVC Panels1. Collect different sizes by set and wrap together by PE fil, them put into carton.2. Stick label and load into container.3. Or bulk package on the pallet directly.Quartz Stone1. Separated them by foam EPE and put into the wooden box.Cement sheet 1. Bulk package on the pallet.  So how do you think above package? Highly appreciated if we can get your comment or suggestion so that we could improve us and make them better and better .And if you would like to know more details, pls. feel free to contact with us.