Is PVC Foam Sheet Recyclable? How to Recycle and Reuse?

Is PVC Foam Sheet Recyclable? How to Recycle and Reuse?


PVC board is widely used in various industries because of its excellent performance. We can always see it in advertising, furniture, decoration. So is it recyclable? How do we recycle and reuse it?

Is PVC Foam Sheet Recyclable? How to Recycle and Reuse?
We believe that many friends who care about environmental protection and the sustainable development of the earth, when considering whether to choose PVC foam sheet, also care about whether it can be recycled and reused? So in this blog, we will answer these questions from the perspective of the manufacturer of PVC board / PVC foam sheet.
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Is PVC foam board recyclable?

PVC foam sheet is recyclable. Recycling and reusing PVC foam board material is a daily thing for our factory. The PVC foam board materials we recycle mainly include waste boards in the early stage of production, unqualified boards selected by random inspection, and leftovers during production or after cutting.

How do we recycle PVC foam board?

In the blog of the manufacturing process of PVC foam board, we shared that in the early stage of production of PVC foam board, there must be a process of adjustment. At the beginning of production, the PVC foam board is not stable yet, and has many problems such as large cells, uneven thickness, and inconsistent density. Such PVC foam board waste may have hundreds of kilograms at the beginning of each production.

In addition, during the production process, our QC inspect the PVC foam sheet every 30 minutes. PVC boards that fail the inspection will also be collected for reuse.
PVC foam board waste

We recycle PVC foam board leftovers from production.

You may ask, since the PVC foam board is a man-made board, isn't the size of the board required to be produced? Actually not.
The extrusion production process determines that the length of the PVC foam board can be unlimited, but the equipment and mold determine the width of the PVC foam board. The standard widths we can produce are 915mm, 1220mm, 1560mm and 2050mm.

We take the most commonly produced 1220mm as an example. The original width of PVC foam board when extruded to form a board is about 1280mm to 1300mm. At this time, the board does not meet the quality requirements because the thickness of both ends in the width direction is gradually reduced. We need to cut off at least 40mm from each end of the width direction. Then the width of the final produced PVC foam board is 1220mm. And the production of 1000mm wide PVC foam board will be cut off more material.

We also recycle PVC board leftovers after cutting.

Our company has an OEM processing plant in Dongguan, Guangdong, providing customers with customized cutting, furniture processing, printing, thermoforming and other processing services for various plastic sheets.

The cut to size and CNC cutting of our PVC foam board are done here. All leftovers after cutting will be recycled and reused by us.
PVC Foam Board leftover
PVC Foam Board leftover
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How do we reuse the recycled PVC foam board?

First, we have to classify the recycled PVC foam boards according to the raw material formula. We have strict standards for the reuse of recycled PVC boards. The most important point is that the recycled material must be used to the production of the same formula. Only in this way can we ensure that our products are qualified and stable.

In order to control the product quality, our factory does not recycle PVC foam board from outside. Because we cannot know the source and formulation of these recycled materials, these unknown factors will inevitably have an uncontrollable impact on the production of PVC sheets.
Crushing pvc foam board
To use these recycled PVC foam boards, we have to crush them first to turn them into powder again. The crushing process will be completed in the material crushing area. Then the powder can be applied to the production of PVC foam board.

Is the PVC foam board with recycled material qualified?

All recycled materials come from our factory, so we have full confidence to tell you that the PVC foam boards with recycled materials we produce are qualified. Its quality and performance meet the requirements.

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