White PVC Foam Board Also Has Different White?

White PVC Foam Board Also Has Different White?


White PVC foam board can be produced in different white colors. Boardway provides different types of white PVC foam boards, they can be yellowish, bluish and grayish, click to learn more details.

White PVC Foam Board Also Has Different White?
White is probably the most common color for PVC foam sheets. White PVC foam boards can easily be given other colors, for example when printed or painted. The white PVC foam board in the application scene can be as low-key as possible and let you only focus on what it shows you. Compared with other colored PVC foam boards, this makes white PVC foam boards the most widely used.

When we google how many types of white there are, we can find dozens, even a hundred and more. White can have different types of white, and the same is true for our PVC foam sheet, which can also be produced in different types of white.

Boardway supplies 3 kinds of white PVC foam boards, we named them No.1 White, No.2 White, No.3 White.
White pvc foam board

ivory white pvc boards

No. 1 White is the color we have been producing and is our default production color. This white is yellowish, we also call it ivory white. In natural light, it is a white that brings a warm tone to the space.

No. 2 White and No. 3 White are colors developed according to our customers' needs. In contrast to White No. 1, both of these whites are cool-toned colors.

No. 2 White is a bright white with a bluish tinge, which is close in color to ghost white. The No. 3 White has a grayish tone, which is very close to pure white but differs because of the gray, we also call it white smoke.
bright white pvc foam board
 white expanded pvc
If none of these three white PVC foam boards is what you want, we can customize production for you.

Some customers have white PVC foam boards that they have been selling or using, and when they want to find a new supplier, they still hope that the product can maintain the same appearance and quality. If you have the same needs, all you need to do is send us the sample you are using, and we will customize the production according to the sample.

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