How Do You Cut PVC Foam Board?

How Do You Cut PVC Foam Board?


PVC foam board is easy to be sawed and CNC cut. For thin PVC foam boards, it can also be cut with a utility knife. Cutting it does not require any special tools, just traditional common tools.

Compared with common solid PVC sheets, PVC foam boards are easier to cut. Its core is an expanded structure with closed cells. Even though the PVC foam board is hard, it is easy to be cut when it comes to metal such sharp objects.


For simple size cutting without precise tolerance requirements, PVC foam boards can be cut by sawing. In our production line, the PVC foam board produced by the extrusion manufacturing process is cut to the size we need by sawing.
pvc foam board cutting
PVC Foam Board Cut-to-size
pvc foam board production
PVC Foam Board on Production

CNC Cutting

When we need to cut custom shapes, make holes, plan grooves, or have precise size requirements for size cutting, we can CNC cut PVC foam sheets.

And if it is thin, such as a PVC foam board with a thickness of less than 3mm, it can also be cut with a utility knife when there is no saw or CNC machine.

However, it should be noted that the PVC foam board is expanded, but not hollow. Therefore, PVC foam boards with a thickness greater than 1mm cannot be die-cut.

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