Is PVC Foam Board the Same As Foam Board?

Is PVC Foam Board the Same As Foam Board?


No, they are actually two completely different materials with similar names. However, they are both ideal materials for printing. Click on the blog to see what they are and how they are different.

Is PVC Foam Board the Same As Foam Board?
If you don't know about PVC foam board or foam board, you may have such a question: Are PVC foam board and foam board the same?
The answer is no. They are actually two completely different boards with similar names.

From the names of PVC foam board and foam board, we can know that they have two similarities, that is, "foam" and "board". This means that they are all sheet-like materials manufactured through a foaming process. The foaming process gives them a lighter weight.

So, in what ways are they different? Let's first analyze what they are.

What is foam board?

Foam board, also commonly called foam core board or KT board. It is a composite material with cardboard or plastic film as the two skins and expanded polystyrene plastic as the core. Its polystyrene core is very highly expanded and contains about 90% air, which makes it very lightweight. Two layers of cardboard give it some stiffness and support, allowing it to be boarded.

The foam core is so soft that you can easily crush it with your fingers. It is thus easy to cut with a knife, but not suitable for complex modeling and engraving. And it is not UV resistant, not waterproof, not suitable for outdoor use.
foam core board
Foam Board / Foam Core Board
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PVC Foam Board

What is PVC foam board?

PVC foam board is an expanded plastic sheet made of polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material. Its common density ranges from 0.4 to 0.65g/cm3, which is half the weight of solid PVC sheets. But unlike the foam board, its hardness is relatively good, and the better quality PVC foam board cannot be pinched with fingers. It is ideal for making complex models and fine carvings.

In addition, PVC foam board is waterproof and mildew-resistant and can be used in those applications that are used in humid environments. The PVC foam board with anti-ultraviolet agent can even be used outdoors for many years without yellowing and aging.

Both foam board and PVC foam board are excellent printing materials for sign and display. However, based on their different performances, they are suitable for different scenarios and needs.

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