What is Foam PVC Sheet Used for?

What is Foam PVC Sheet Used for?


PVC foam board is widely used, it can be an ideal printing board, it can also be an excellent waterproof kitchen and bathroom cabinet board, it is also a multi-functional decorative building board.

What is Foam PVC Sheet Used for?
Foam PVC sheet is a multifunctional rigid plastic sheet. Its standard size is 4x8 feet (1220x2440mm), and the thickness ranges from 3mm to 30mm. PVC foam sheet is light in weight, and the common density range is 0.45 to 0.65g/cm3, which is more than half lighter than solid PVC sheet. White and black are its standard colors, and other colors such as red, brown, gray, green, yellow, blue, pink, etc. can also be customized. Various specifications give us more options when using PVC foam sheets. Next, let's talk about the uses of foam PVC sheets.
foam pvc sheets

Uses of Foam PVC Sheets
Foam PVC sheet has a hard surface and a strong body. The smooth surface allows the ink to stay on the board well after printing without falling off easily. In addition, PVC foam sheets are waterproof and durable, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. In the advertising industry, it is an ideal material for use as sign boards, such as medium and long-term interior sign boards, outdoor walkway and yard sign boards. PVC foam sheet is highly machinable and can be CNC engraved into letters and symbols, etc. for use as logos.
black pvc foam sheet
Foam PVC Sign
pvc foam board 30mm thick
Foam PVC Letters

Foam PVC sheet is impact resistant and can be easily sawed, drilled, chamfered, screwed, nailed, grooved, sanded, edge sealed, bent, etc. We can say that any application that particle board and MDF can do, PVC foam sheet can also be competent. Compared with the two, PVC foam sheet has significant advantages, that is, it is resistant to moisture, mold and rot. Such characteristics make it suitable for use as kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity cabinets, furniture in wet environments and marine use, etc.
PVC Foam Sheet for Decoration
PVC Foam Sheet for Decoration
PVC Foam Sheet for Cabinet
PVC Foam Sheet for Cabinet
PVC Foam Sheet for Openwork
PVC Foam Sheet for Openwork

With a strong aluminum profile frame, the PVC foam sheet can act as a partition and a temporary wall, and play a key role in exhibitions, temporary hospitals, and mobile offices. Compared with the traditional MDF, PVC foam sheet is waterproof and durable, and has a longer service life. Compared with solid plastic panels or metal panels, wall panels made of PVC foam sheets are lighter in weight and are easy to install, transport and store.
pvc foam sheet
Foam PVC Partition
pvc foam board for exhibition
Foam PVC Sheet for Exhibition

To learn more about the uses of foamed PVC sheets, please check our SOLUTION page.

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