Is PVC Foam Sheet Waterproof?

Is PVC Foam Sheet Waterproof?


PVC foam sheet is expanded PVC plastic sheet which is completely waterproof. To prove this, we did a small test.

Is PVC Foam Sheet Waterproof?
PVC foam sheet is an expanded closed-cell PVC sheet, which is a waterproof material. Although it contains air in the core like a sponge, the difference is that the PVC foam sheet is hard and non-absorbent. To prove it's waterproof, we did a little test. Please watch the video below.

We put several small samples of PVC foam sheets of different colors into the water. The purpose of the small test is to confirm:
1. Is the PVC foam sheet waterproof?
2. Will the colored PVC foam board fade in water?

After 30 minutes, it can be seen that the samples do not absorb water at all, water droplets do not penetrate through the surface to the inside. Moreover, the colored PVC foam board does not fade when exposed to water.

waterproof pvc foam sheet
If the 30-minute bath test is not enough to prove the waterproofness of the PVC foam sheet, please refer to this picture.

The colored PVC foam panels in the picture are placed outdoors, leaning against the exterior wall of our factory. Two years of sun and rain haven't faded or rotted them.

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