A Non-slip PVC Foam Board for Mobile Platforms

A Non-slip PVC Foam Board for Mobile Platforms


This is a PVC foam board with a non-slip embossed surface. It is the perfect solution for traditional plywood floors that are not waterproof, durable, prone to cracking and ideal as a mobile platform.

A Non-slip PVC Foam Board for Mobile Platforms
Plywood Floors
The plywood used as the platform floor is covered with a non-slip plastic surface to achieve waterproof and anti-slip effects. Still, the sides of the plywood are exposed to moisture. The solution is to paint all four sides with waterproof paint. However, after repeated use, the sun and rain may cause the non-slip plastic surface to peel. This gives a chance for moisture to invade from exposed areas, causing the platform floor to crack and deform.
As a mobile platform for outdoor use, the material used for the floor needs to be waterproof, weather-resistant and strong enough to ensure its safe use and durability.
Plywood Floor Panel
Plywood Floor Panel
Plywood Floor with Waterproof Paint
Plywood Floor with Waterproof Paint

Over the years, many of our customers have searched for a solution to find an alternative to plywood for platform flooring. It needs to meet the performance of waterproof, weather resistance, non-slip, impact resistance and less maintenance. Combining the needs and feedback of our customers, thankfully, we have developed this new product in 2022:
Non-slip PVC Foam Sheet for Mobile Platforms

This is a plastic building material with a non-slip embossed surface, which is an upgraded version of ordinary PVC foam board. It is waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant, and at the same time it is also impact-resistant.

On the basis of PVC foam board, we adjust its raw materials to enhance its strength and toughness, and improve its resistance to pressure, impact and UV rays. Not only that, we customized an embossing roller to directly make the non-slip embossing on the surface of the panel. This way not only ensures the safety of walking, but also reduces maintenance.

Pairing it with the heavy-duty, strong aluminum profile is a must, though. The aluminum frame structure bears the main load-bearing function of the platform, thus prolonging the service life of the floor.
nonslip pvc foam sheet
Non-slip Foam PVC
pvc foam board for floors
Foam PVC Floors

With such performance, we can say that it is the perfect solution for traditional plywood flooring that is not waterproof, durable and prone to cracking, ideal as a mobile platform. At present, this product has been sold and used in China, but also exported to the United States, Australia and other countries. We have received good reviews from some customers and look forward to more feedback.

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