Is PVC Foam Board Strong?

Is PVC Foam Board Strong?


We always say that PVC foam board is durable and is an ideal alternative for wooden boards. Is the PVC foam board strong? Is it stronger than wood? We made a test, check out the blog to find out!

Is PVC Foam Board Strong?
PVC foam board, also known as expanded PVC sheet. It is a plastic PVC board with a closed-cell foam core and a hard surface. It is half the density of solid PVC sheet and therefore lighter in weight. Although it is a foam material, it does not absorb water, but has excellent waterproof performance. PVC foam boards are suitable for most indoor and outdoor applications due to their high usability and durability and are an ideal alternative to wood boards.

Its standard size is 1220*2440mm (4*8ft), and the thickness ranges from 1mm to 30mm. White and black are the usual colors, and other colored PVC foam boards can also be customized.

Is PVC Foam Board Strong?
To answer this question, we made a test. The test method is to take a full-size board (1220*2440mm size, 18mm thickness, 0.6g/cm3 density) and conduct an impact test on it.

There are two ways we apply impact tests to the board, one is to hit it with a hammer, and the other is to let a man weighing 80 kg (176 lb) jump on the board. Now, click on the video to see how our PVC foam board will perform under this test!

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