How to Process PVC Foam Board into Openwork Panels?

How to Process PVC Foam Board into Openwork Panels?


In this blog, we shared every step of how to process PVC foam board into an openwork panel. We specialize in the production of PVC foam board and are also good at processing. Click to learn more!

How to Process PVC Foam Board into Openwork Panels?
Last week, we wrote a blog about PVC foam board used as openwork panel, and explained why PVC foam board is suitable for openwork. If you are interested in knowing more, please click here.

Now let's share: How to process PVC foam board into an openwork panel?
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Processing PVC foam board into openwork panels involves cutting or removing material from the board to create a pattern of open spaces or holes. Here are the general steps to follow:

Step 1, Design the pattern: Use the design software to draw the pattern. The pattern created should fit the desired dimensions of the panel and fit the cutting tool that will be using.

What the manufacturer says: Boardway offers PVC foam board and custom processing services. The common size of PVC foam board is 4x8 feet (1220x2440 mm), and the pattern can be designed on the basis of this size. Or, tell us the panel size you need for custom production. If you don't have a design pattern, I hope some of our openwork patterns can satisfy you.

Step 2, Choose the cutting tool: Depending on the complexity of the pattern and the thickness of the material, we can use a CNC router or a laser cutter.

Step 3, Secure the PVC foam board: Use clips or double-sided tape to secure the PVC foam board to the cutting table. This will prevent it from moving during the cutting process.

Step 4, Cutting pattern: CNC router or laser cutting machine cuts the PVC foam board according to the pattern file we imported into the cutting machine.

Step 5, Clean up the edges: After cutting, use sandpaper or a file to smooth the edges of the panel and remove any burrs or rough spots.

Step 6, Finishing work: Depending on the desired look and application, we may choose to paint the openwork panel to enhance its visual appeal and protect it from environmental elements.

Processing PVC foam board into openwork panels involves careful planning, precise cutting, and attention to detail to achieve a high-quality finished product.

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