Is Expanded PVC the Same as Sintra or Forex?

Is Expanded PVC the Same as Sintra or Forex?


Expanded PVC is a general term that refers to a foam board made of polyvinyl chloride through foaming process. So, what is the difference between Sintra or Forex and inflated PVC? Click to learn more.

Is Expanded PVC the Same as Sintra or Forex?
Expanded PVC is a generic term that refers to a type of foam board made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that has been expanded to create a foam-like structure. On the other hand, Sintra and Forex are both brand names for specific types of expanded PVC foam board.

Sintra is a brand name for a type of expanded PVC foam board that was originally developed by the 3A Composites company. Sintra foam board is made using a proprietary manufacturing process that creates a closed-cell structure. Known for its exceptional stiffness, high-quality surface finish and consistent thickness, making it ideal for printing and graphics applications. It is commonly used for high-end signage, displays and exhibits that require high precision and professional finishing.

Forex is another brand name for a type of expanded PVC foam board that is produced by the Swiss company 3A Composites. It is known for its high-quality surface finish, dimensional stability, and resistance to moisture and chemical exposure. Forex foam board is also suitable for printing and graphics applications, but it is specifically designed for outdoor use due to its high resistance to moisture, UV light, and temperature changes. It is often used for outdoor signage, billboards, and displays that require long-term durability and weather resistance.

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While Expanded PVC, Sintra, and Forex are all made from PVC foam, each brand has its own specific characteristics and manufacturing process that make them slightly different from each other. Expanded PVC is a versatile foam board that is suitable for a wide range of applications, while Sintra and Forex are more specialized products that offer specific performance characteristics.

On the other hand, Expanded PVC, Sintra and Forex are all types of PVC foam boards. Therefore, they share some common characteristics: lightweight, durable (both indoor and outdoor use), easy to process, printable, versatile, and cost-effective.
What the manufacturer says:
Boardway, as a professional manufacturer of expanded PVC, we can custom produce it according to the application of the material. For example, PVC sign boards suitable for printing, PVC cabinet boards suitable for making furniture or cabinets, PVC outdoor boards with enhanced UV radiation resistance for outdoor use, etc. In general, custom production can make expanded PVC perfect for its application.

That's why our sales always ask customers about the purpose, use environment and performance requirements of expanded PVC boards during the conversation with customers. Knowing this information allows us to provide our customers with Boardway materials that are perfectly matched to their application.

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Boardway is a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of PVC foam board. We have more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture and application of PVC foam board and other plastic sheets. If you would like to know more about PVC foam board, or you have the needs of custom PVC foam board, please feel free to WhatsApp Helen at +86 13828266785 or email us at
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