Anti-bacterial Transparent Plastic PVC Sheet For Marine Culture Of Abalone Shellfish
Anti-bacterial Transparent Plastic PVC Sheet For Marine Culture Of Abalone Shellfish

Item specifics

Polyvinyl chloride
Custom specifications
Length, width, thickness, color, surface
Processing services
CNC engraving, bending, welding
Supporting services
OEM, ODM, sourcing, prototyping, assembly
Packing method
PE bag, carton, pallet
Transportation mode
FCL/LCL by sea, air, road and rail



Product Details

PVC Abalone Culturing Sheet

PVC abalone culturing sheet is a transparent PVC sheet with good antibacterial properties and environmental protection. It is used in the growth stage of baby abalone in abalone culturing. The baby abalone grows by attaching to the PVC board.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has good chemical performance, is resistant to acid and alkali, and is not corroded by sea water. Compared with common PVC sheet, PVC sheet with enhanced antibacterial properties can reduce the increase of microorganisms and give abalone babies a healthier growth environment.

In order to ensure a more suitable living environment for baby abalone, it is generally recommended to replace the culturing sheet in 3-4 years.

 RoHS compliant
 REACH compliant 

Anti-bacterial -give baby abalone a healthier growth environment
Good surface -clean and smooth surface, no impurities, spots and pits
Corrosion resistant -suitable for mariculture and incorrosive
Safety material -non-toxic and odorless, compliance with RoHS and REACH
UV resistant -slow aging for outdoor use and extend the service life
Easily fabricated or welded -heating to melt welding, or welding with PVC welding rod

Additional Services
CNC cutting pvc sheet
Cutting services
Cut to size, CNC engraving, hot bending, welding, thermoforming, etc.
pvc sheets for shellfish culture
Supporting services
Including prototyping, sourcing accessories, module assembly, test and improvement.
packing of pvc sheets
Custom packaging
Packed by PE bags and plywood pallet. Custom packaging is available.
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