WPC Foam Board Wood Plastic Composite Board For Furniture Cabinet Substrate Panel
WPC Foam Board Wood Plastic Composite Board For Furniture Cabinet Substrate Panel
WPC Foam Board Wood Plastic Composite Board For Furniture Cabinet Substrate Panel
WPC Foam Board Wood Plastic Composite Board For Furniture Cabinet Substrate Panel
WPC Foam Board Wood Plastic Composite Board For Furniture Cabinet Substrate Panel
WPC Foam Board Wood Plastic Composite Board For Furniture Cabinet Substrate Panel
US $8.5-8.8
200 sheet

Item specifics

Polyvinyl chloride and wood bamboo powder
Custom specifications
Length, width, thickness, density, color, texture
Processing services
Cut to size, cnc engraving, laminating, printing
Supporting services
OEM, ODM, sourcing, prototyping, assembly
Packing method
PE bag, carton, pallet
Transportation mode
FCL/LCL by sea, air, road and rail
Price based on 1220x2440x5mmx0.5



wpc foam board

WPC Foam Board

WPC foam board is a multifunctional and it is a perfect alternative to natural wood. WPC foam board is mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, wood powder or bamboo powder and other additives. It is a wood-based panel with a rigid surface and expanded closed-cell core produced by foaming extrusion technology.

WPC foam board has similar properties to expanded PVC foam, such as low water absorption, no formaldehyde, non-toxic, odorless, and recyclable. Its most popular uses are kitchen cabinets, interior decorative panels, furniture for humid environments.

WPC foam board has high workability, it can be easily sawed, cut, drilled and nailed, hot-shaped, painted, laminated. No special tools are needed for processing, just conventional woodworking tools.

Product Details
We provide four types of wpc foam board, including wpc celuka foam board, wpc co-extruded foam board, embossed wpc foam board, sanded finish wpc foam board. The first three can be used directly without laminating and painting according to your needs. The sanded finish wpc is suitable as a substrate or liner for laminating and gluing. Many of our customers use wpc foam board instead of MDF, and they laminate thin skins on the wpc board, such as pvc film, HPL, acrylic, aluminum film.
smooth wpc pvc board
WPC Celuka Foam
co-extruded wpc pvc board
WPC Co-extruded Foam
wood grain wpc pvc board
Wood Grain WPC Board
sanded wpc pvc board
Sanded WPC Board

The surface type of wpc co-extruded foam board can be white color or wood color.
wpc co-extruded foam board with white surface
wpc co-extruded foam board with wood fiber

What is the difference between WPC foam board and PVC foam board?
The performance and use of WPC foam board are almost the same as PVC foam board. Different from PVC foam board, WPC foam board contains a small amount of natural wood fiber and bamboo fiber, thereby strengthening the nail holding force of the board. WPC foam board is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, the used materials can be recycled and reused.

The color of WPC foam board we see is the color of natural wood powder in its composition. The color of wood powder of different batches and wood powder from different trees will be different, which will cause the color of each batch of WPC foam board we produce to have a certain difference. For orders that require color consistency, we will add color masterbatch to the WPC foam board to ensure that the color of each batch is close to the same.

 ISO 17226-1:2021
 RoHS compliant
 REACH compliant
 EN 14372:2004
 ASTM E84-17
 ISO 27528:2009
 ISO 1926:2009
 GB 8624-2012
 GB 18580-2001
wpc foam board factory ISO
RoHs compliant wpc foam board
REACH compliant wpc foam board
ASTM standard wpc foam board
GB compliant wpc foam board


Multifunction panel, engraving decorative screen, signs and display, cupboard, kitchen cabinet, kitchen furniture set, partition panel, wall panel, liner, lining for van and bus, cabinet for express delivery vehicle, recreational vehicle, ambulance and utility vehicle, furniture board for marine and humid environment, outdoor table and chair, etc.

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wpc foam board for cabinets

Decorative Screen / Wine Cabinet

wpc board 4x8Good flatness -uniform thickness, flat pvc foam board
China wpc foam boardClean surface -all white without dirt, no impurities, pits or bumps
good quality wpc foam boardStable structure -uniform closed-cells in the cross section after cutting
wpc foam board screwingNail-holding strength -tighten the screws without slipping
waterproof wpc foam boardWater-proof & mildew-proof -suitable for outdoor and humid environments
waterproof wpc boardFire performance -common pvc foam board is self-extinguishing, and fire-resistant enhanced boards meet ASTM E84 Class A
wpc foam board as substrateSuitable as substrate -light in weight, can be used as substrate for laminating pvc film or gluing signs
wpc foam board cut to sizeStrong workabilitycan be easily drilled, nailed, sawed, cut, planed, glued, sanded, painted
soundproof wpc foam boardSound insulation -suitable for used as partition walls in mobile offices


2440mm, 3050mm, 3600mm length can be customized


1220mm, 915mm


5mm - 30mm


0.4 - 0.9 g/cm3


Smooth, matte, wood grain, sanded finish


Natural wood color

Additional Services
wpc foam board with protective film
Protective film
Cover the board with protective film to avoid scratches. Transparent film and custom film with your logo are available. One side or both sides can be covered.
wpc foam board packed by pallets
Custom packaging
Our packing materials are as follows, plastic film or PE bags for wrapping, fumigation-free wooden pallet, carton, metal pallet. Custom packaging is available.
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wpc pvc foam board wood grain
Custom surface texture
The surface texture of the wpc foam board is realized by the pressing roller during the production. Customized a press roller can produce your unique texture board.
laminated wpc foam board
Laminated WPC Foam Board
We provide decorative panel with WPC foam board as substrate, covering with thin materials, such as PVC film, HPL, aluminum sheet, PET or acrylic sheet.
wpc foam board cut to size
Processing services
Cut to size, CNC routing, bevelling, chamfering, laminating, sanding, printing, hot bending, etc.
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wpc pvc foam board wood grain
Supporting services
Such as sourcing & procurement, prototype making, module assembly, OEM, ODM services.

Options For Customers
For trader, wholesaler, distributor
We are glad to provide you with expanded WPC foam board of different grades and performance, such as common boards, flame retardant class A boards, UV-resistant reinforced boards, screw retention enhanced boards, strength or toughness reinforced boards. The size, thickness and density can be customized according to your requirements. Accept mixed specification shipments.
production of wpc foam board
wpc foam sheet
wpc foam board packed by pallets
For online shops, home center, retail stores
We are able to provide expanded WPC foam board with common sizes, such as 4'x6'、4'x8'、4'x10', etc., and pack them into individually packages to facilitate distribution and retail. If your product needs to be sold with other accessories, such as hardware, hinge, aluminium profile, etc., we have the advantage of resources and are happy to help you purchase, labelling and custom packaging.
pvc foam board cut to small size
pvc foam board Individually packages
pvc foam board cut into planks
For manufacturers, designers
Supporting services of "products + processing" is our advantage. The PVC foam board can be customized and produced based on your application requirements. We then process the boards according to your needs, test whether the boards meet your standards. Finally to the product proofing and mass production.
pvc foam boards custom processed and assembled into kitchen cabinet
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