Waterproof PVC Trimboard And Moulding For Both Interior And Exterior Finishing Decoration
Waterproof PVC Trimboard And Moulding For Both Interior And Exterior Finishing Decoration
Waterproof PVC Trimboard And Moulding For Both Interior And Exterior Finishing Decoration
Waterproof PVC Trimboard And Moulding For Both Interior And Exterior Finishing Decoration
Waterproof PVC Trimboard And Moulding For Both Interior And Exterior Finishing Decoration

Item specifics

Polyvinyl chloride
Custom specifications
Length, width, thickness, color, texture
Processing services
Cut to size, cnc engraving, drilling holes
Supporting services
OEM, ODM, sourcing, assembly, prototyping
Packing method
PE bag, carton, pallet
Transportation mode
FCL/LCL by sea, air, road and rail

Product review


PVC Trim Board

Boardway PVC trimboard features a smooth sealed edge that is a more viable and durable alternative to traditional wood in both non-stress and non-load-bearing applications.

The sealed edge has the advantages of being resistant to staining from dirt and grime, and easy to wipe clean. It can be easily sawed, milled, routed, glued and thermal bent to make it perfectly fit for your application, and it can also be painted for aesthetics. 

We provide trimboards with smooth finish and woodgrain finish in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colors.

Available in smooth/woodgrain reversible
Custom thickness and custom width is available
thickness of pvc trim board
width of pvc trim board
Custom color is available
color of pvc trim board

PVC Moulding

Boardway PVC mouldings are available in the most popular designs, can be used individually or in combination, give a perfect finish to most interior and exterior decoration application encountered.

PVC mouldings are looking and working similar to wood mouldings, but has better practical performance such as moistureproof, anti-mildew, anti-moth, extinguish from fire, formaldehyde-free, better durability, and low maintenance. 

It is easy and convenient to install with conventional tools, no need to keep screw head marks. Fast installation and short construction period help reduce labor costs and structural costs.

More pvc mouldings please contact us for availability
pvc mouldings design and size
Lightweight -easy to work with and fast installation
Durable in use -water-proof, mildew-proof, termite resistant and corrosion resistant
Stable structure -no bending or deformation unless there is an external force or load
Nail-holding strength -tighten the screws without slipping
UV resistance -slow aging and yellowing speed in outdoor use
Low water absorption -suitable for outdoor and humid environments
Fire performance -common pvc extrusions is self-extinguishing, and fire-resistant enhanced extrusions meet ASTM E84 Class A
Strong processability -can be easily drilled, nailed, sawed, cut, planed, glued, sanded, painted
 ISO 17226-1:2021
 RoHS compliant
 REACH compliant
 ASTM E84-17
 ASTM D696-08
 GB 8624-2012
Exterior finish: porch ceilings & soffits, window & door trim, corners, column wraps, cornices & eaves, garage door trim, side fascia
pvc profile for Column
pvc profile for Garage Door
Garage Door
pvc profile for Eaves
pvc profile for balcony Shutter
Balcony Shutter
Interior finish: crown mouldings, casing & base, wall & wainscoting, skirting board, coves & quarter rounds
pvc profile extrusion for interior
pvc trim for ceiling
pvc extrusion for door frame
Door Frame
pvc Crown Molding
Crown Molding
Options For Customers
For building material wholesalers
We are glad to provide you with all kinds of expanded PVC boards and extrusions, such as PVC trim and mouldings, PVC celuka foam board, PVC co-extruded foam board. The size, thickness and density of expanded pvc board can be customized according to your requirements. Distribution packaging and protective film are custom packing options. Accept mixed specification shipments.
Boardway production line of pvc mouldings
white smooth pvc trimboard
the packaging of pvc trim and mouldings
For builders and contractors
PVC foam board, PVC trim and mouldings can be processed into directly usable lengths and shapes according to your requirements. Our custom processing services include cutting to size, CNC routing and milling, bevelling, chamfering, laminating, sanding, printing, hot bending, etc.
CNC engraving foamed pvc board
sawing foamed pvc profile extrusions
pvc brick mouldings with 45 degree
For architects, engineers, designers
Supporting services of "products + processing" is our advantage. The expanded PVC boards and extrusions can be custom produced and processed based on your application requirements. If there are other accessories you need to purchase in China, we have resource advantages and are willing to help you purchase, assemble, pack and ship.
pvc foam boards custom processed and assembled into kitchen cabinet
Want to know what processing services Boardway provides?