Weather Resistant Plastic PVC Fence Slats Kit For Private House Gargen Factory
Weather Resistant Plastic PVC Fence Slats Kit For Private House Gargen Factory

Item specifics

Polyvinyl chloride
Custom specifications
Length, height, color, design
Processing services
Sawing, cnc engraving, drilling holes, etc
Supporting services
OEM, ODM, sourcing, prototyping, assembly
Packing method
Carton, pallet, wood crate
Transportation mode
FCL/LCL by sea, air, road and rail



PVC Fence Slat

Boardway PVC fence slat is a set of outdoor fencing system, by using weathering resistant, environmentally friendly plastic materials, with multi color and various height options.

Boardway fence system can be long-time used in the open air. It's a perfect performance for the boundary walls of houses, villas, factories and farms. 

It has the advantages of easy installation, privacy protection, attractive appearance, durable and maintenance free , etc. It is especially suitable for DIY.

Fencing Without PVC Slats
Fencing Without PVC Slats
Fencing With Boardway PVC Slats
Fencing With Boardway PVC Slats

Dark green, dark grey, black, white are the most popular and frequently produced colors. Other colors can be customized according to samples or RAL number.
color of Boardway pvc fence slats

Easy to install -lightweight, easy to work with and fast installation
Durable in use -water-proof, mildew-proof, termite resistant and corrosion resistant
Good privacy -provides both beauty and privacy to your home
UV resistant -slow aging and color changing speed in outdoor use
Stable structure -not easy to bend, deformation and cracking
No maintenance -No need for paint, no high labor costs to maintain it
Eco-friendly -Manufactured with environmentally friendly materials, which can be recycled after waste

 ISO 4892-3: 2016
 RoHS compliant
 REACH compliant

Qty of PVC slats
2.5M length fencing
2.0M length fencing
Qty (pcs)
Qty (pcs)
Super Slat
Small Super Slat
Top U Slat
V Slat
Height Options
1025mm, 1225mm, 1525mm, 1725mm, 1925mm, can be customized.
Length Options
Standard 2.0M and 2.5M, can be customized.

Boardway PVC fencing system is very convenient to install. It can be installed on an existing metal fence panel, and it can be easily installed by one person. Our PVC fence slats bring the fun of hands-on assembly and saves the labor costs of professional installers.
Place the clips on the horizontal bottom wire.
Place the V-slats in the folds of the panel. Put 2 super-slats at a distance of 1m from one to the other to fix the V-slats.
Slide the rest of the super-slats and block them with the clips. Place the 2 small super-slats at both sides of the panel next to the posts.
Place the finishing U-slat on top of the panel.

Project Sites
To purchase PVC fence slats in China, please look for the Boardway™ brand. Our PVC fence system has design patents and practical performance patents. Our product has been adjusted and improved to maximize its weather resistance and impact resistance. The following pictures are actual application pictures from customers.
privacy fence panel with pvc slats

Options For Customers
For wholesalers, distributors, home center
According to the specifications you need, we pack all the PVC slats needed for a set of fence panel into a box. Selling in boxes is very beneficial to your delivery, distribution and retail management. We accept order of mixed specifications and mixed colors. The minimum order quantity for this product is a 20ft container.
crate for Boardway pvc fence slats
Boardway pvc fence slats packed by cartons
loading of Boardway pvc fence slats
For builders and contractors
If you will be responsible for the installation of PVC fence panels, then we recommend a more environmentally friendly and economical packaging method, which is bulk in pallets. There is no carton packaging, but directly stacked the PVC slats on wooden crates. Compared with individual packaging in cartons, there are more PVC slats that can be packed and shipped by this bulk packaging.
production of Boardway pvc fence slats
Boardway dark grey pvc fence slats
Boardway pvc fence super slats
Suits for chain link fence
Our PVC fence slats are also suitable for chain link fence. It can be installed on your existing chain link fence to increase privacy. Supporting services of "products + processing" is our advantage. If you still need to purchase barbed wire and other hardware accessories in China, we have resource advantages and are happy to help you purchase, assemble, pack and ship.
Boardway pvc fence slats for chain link
Boardway pvc fence slats on the chain link
Boardway pvc fence small super slats
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