Acrylic Sheet | PMMA | Plexiglass Sheet | Perspex Sheet | Extruded and Cast Acrylic
Acrylic Sheet | PMMA | Plexiglass Sheet | Perspex Sheet | Extruded and Cast Acrylic
Acrylic Sheet | PMMA | Plexiglass Sheet | Perspex Sheet | Extruded and Cast Acrylic
Acrylic Sheet | PMMA | Plexiglass Sheet | Perspex Sheet | Extruded and Cast Acrylic
Acrylic Sheet | PMMA | Plexiglass Sheet | Perspex Sheet | Extruded and Cast Acrylic
Acrylic Sheet | PMMA | Plexiglass Sheet | Perspex Sheet | Extruded and Cast Acrylic

Item specifics

Polymethyl Methacrylate 100% virgin
Custom specifications
Length, width, thickness, density, color, texture
Processing services
Laser cutting, cnc machining, printing, bending
Supporting services
OEM, ODM, sourcing, prototyping, assembly
Packing method
PE bag, carton, pallet
Transportation mode
FCL/LCL by sea, air, road and rail



acrylic sheet, plexiglass, perspex, PMMA

Acrylic Sheet


Acrylic refers to polymethyl methacrylate, which is also known as PMMA, plexiglass or perspex. Because of its high transparency, chemical stability, weather resistance, easy coloring, easy processing, and beautiful appearance, it has been widely used in advertising display, handicraft products, furniture and lighting, sanitary facilities, etc.

Acrylic sheets are divided into cast acrylic sheets and extruded acrylic sheets by different manufacturing processes. The cast acrylic sheet has high molecular weight, excellent rigidity, strength and chemical resistance, and is suitable for various special purposes. Compared with cast sheet, extruded acrylic sheet has lower molecular weight and slightly weaker mechanical properties. However, such features are beneficial for hot bending and vacuum forming.

Product Types
Boardway acrylic sheets are available in various types. According to different manufacturing process, we have cast acrylic sheet and extruded acrylic sheet. According to different appearance or performance, we divide acrylic sheet into common acrylic and special acrylic.

Common Acrylic | Clear Acrylic Sheet, Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheet, Opaque Colored Acrylic Sheet.

Functional Acrylic | Acrylic Mirror Sheet, Light Diffusion Acrylic Sheet, Glitter Acrylic Sheet, Iridescent Acrylic Sheet, Flame-retardant Acrylic Sheet, Impact-resistant Acrylic Sheet, Wear-resistant Reinforced Acrylic Sheet.
Acrylic sheet
Colored Acrylic
Mirror acrylic sheet
Mirror Acrylic
Golden acrylic sheet
Glitter Acrylic
Iridescent acrylic sheet
Iridescent Acrylic

Surface Types
High gloss acrylic sheets are the most common. In addition, we also provide matt acrylic sheets and embossed acrylic sheets.
Glossy Acrylic
Glossy Acrylic
Matt Acrylic
Matt Acrylic
Embossed Acrylic
Embossed Acrylic

 ISO 7823-1:2003
 ISO 7823-2:2003
 RoHS Directive
 REACH Directive
 CE Compliant 
acrylic sheet ISO factory
RoHs compliant acrylic sheet
REACH compliant acrylic sheet


1. Advertising: light boxes, signboards, signs, display racks.

2. Interior decoration: furniture, decorations, partitions, screens, transparent walls, bar counters, lampshades.

3. Daily necessities: bathroom facilities (washbasin, bathtub, toilet seat), handicrafts, storage boxes, shelves, aquariums.

4. Construction: building cover, display window, swimming pools, aquarium projects.

5. Vehicles: doors and windows of buses and trains.

6. Medicine: baby incubator, surgical medical equipment.

7. Industry: instrument panel and cover.

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acrylic sheet for lampshade

Acrylic Lampshade

100% new acrylic sheetMaterial Safety -We insist on using 100% virgin raw materials for production to ensure stable quality and product safety.
super clear acrylic sheetCrystal Clear -High gloss finish, smooth and flat. It has crystal-like transparency, and the light transmittance is over 92%.
uv resistant acrylic sheetExcellent Weather Resistance - Our acrylic sheets are UV coated, resistant to UV rays and harsh weather, 8 years warranty.
laser cut acrylicEase of Machining -Can be laser cut (without bad smell), drilled, bonded, milled, fastened, etc.
thermoformable acrylic sheetGood Thermoforming Properties -Easy to bend and vacuum form.
chemical resistant acrylic sheetChemical Resistance -Resistant to chemicals, but soluble in organic solvents.
acrylic sheet for printingHigh Printability -Suitable for screen printing and UV printing.

Standard Size

1220x2440, 1240x2460, 1220x1830, 1000x2000, 1050x2030, 1500x3000, 1830x2440, 2000x3000mm, etc.

Thickness (Cast)

1.9mm - 20mm, 20mm - 60mm, 60mm and above

Thickness (Extru)

0.8mm - 10mm


1.2 g/cm3


Glossy, matte, embossed


Acrylic color cards are available

Additional Services
Clear acrylic sheet
Protective Paper
The acrylic sheet is covered with a protective paper that is easy to remove and leaves no glue residue.
Acrylic sheet laser cutting
Processing Services
Laser cutting, CNC routing, drilling, printing, hot bending, vacuum forming, etc.
Transparent blue acrylic
Supporting Services
We offer sourcing & procurement, prototype making, module assembly, OEM, ODM services.
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