The Uses of PVC Foam Board in Cabinet Furniture

The Uses of PVC Foam Board in Cabinet Furniture


PVC cabinets can be seen everywhere: whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, living room, balcony in the house, or public places, vehicles and other scenes, we can always find the use of PVC foam board.

The Uses of PVC Foam Board in Cabinet Furniture
In our previous blog, we shared the use of PVC foam board in printing and sign. We hope this blog can be helpful to friends who are about to start a business in the advertising industry and have a better understanding of PVC foam board.

In this blog, we will share another common use of PVC foam board, which is its use in furniture.

PVC foam board is a rigid foamed plastic sheet with polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material. Its significant advantages include waterproofing, mildew resistance, termite resistance, flame retardant, weather resistance, formaldehyde-free, easy processing, and low maintenance. These excellent properties of PVC foam board make it an ideal alternative to wooden panel.
PVC Free Foam Board
PVC Free Foam Board
PVC Celuka Foam Board
PVC Celuka Foam Board
PVC Co-extruded Foam Board
PVC Co-extruded Foam Board

The types of PVC foam board are PVC free foam board, PVC celuka board, PVC co-extrusion board.

Compared with PVC free foam board, PVC celuka board and PVC co-extrusion board have a harder surface and are more suitable for use as furniture. Especially the PVC co-extruded board, its surface is glossy and harder, which highlights its advantage that it can be used directly without any surface treatment.

Celuka board gives customers more surface options. In addition to the common smooth surface, we also provide matte surface, wood grain surface, brushed surface, and non-slip textured surface. If the solid color furniture board can't satisfy you, maybe the PVC foam board laminate can. PVC foam board can be laminated with various types of surface materials, improving aesthetics and enhancing properties such as flame retardant, scratch resistance, and anti-fingerprint.
matt pvc foam board
Non-slip pvc foam board
Non-slip Texture
Brushed pvc foam board
Brushed Texture
woodgrain pvc foam board
Wood Grain

Now, Let's take a look at some cases of PVC cabinets according to different usage scenarios.
Interior Kitchen Cabinet
pvc foam board cabinet
waterproof pvc cabinet

Outdoor Module Cabinet for Barbecue
pvc cabinet for refrigerator
PVC Cabinet for Refrigerator
PVC Cabinet for BBQ
PVC Cabinet for BBQ
PVC Kitchen Cabinet
PVC Kitchen Cabinet

In these three cases, the cabinet boards are PVC co-extruded boards, HPL-laminated PVC foam boards, and PVC film-laminated PVC foam boards.
pvc foam board cabinet
Display Cabinet / Bookcase 
pvc cabient
TV Cabinet / Counter
pvc sheet for cabinet
Sideboard Cabinet

pvc vanity board
pvc board for vanity
pvc foam board bathroom cabinet

The pictures below show the PVC cabinet in our colleague's house. It is hung on the balcony wall to store gardening tools, sanitary appliance and cleaners. This cabinet has been in use for nearly 10 years and is still in perfect condition.
pvc foam board outdoor use
pvc foam board for outdoor cabinet
pvc foam sheet for outdoor

pvc foam board for school cabinet
School Cabinet
pvc foam board for school shoe cabinet
Shoe Cabinet

For PVC cabinets used on vehicles, we recommend using a horizontal cabinet with a thickness of 18mm or 20mm and a density of more than 0.65. The high-strength board can ensure that the cabinet will not shorten the service life due to the shock caused by driving.
pvc foam board outdoor use
pvc foam board for outdoor cabinet
pvc foam sheet for outdoor

The design of the DIY assembly cabinet is flexible, and it can have more creative designs for different storage purposes in different spaces.

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