Is Foam PVC the Same As Expanded PVC?

Is Foam PVC the Same As Expanded PVC?


Whether it is foam PVC or expanded PVC, generally speaking, they refer to rigid and lightweight PVC sheets or profiles made by foaming process. They are actually different names for the same product.

Is Foam PVC the Same As Expanded PVC?
Whether PVC sheet or profile is made by foaming process can be divided into two kinds of products: non-foaming solid PVC and foaming PVC.


The name "foam PVC" comes from its manufacturing process. In the manufacturing process of PVC sheet or profile, a foaming agent is added to expand the hot-melt raw material to generate countless small bubbles, which are extruded at the same time, and then cooled and shaped quickly. Compared with solid PVC, foamed PVC is also hard, but the core of foamed PVC contains air, so it is much lighter in weight.

The name "expanded PVC" is a description of the shape of PVC sheets or profiles. It actually refers to foamed PVC.
foam pvc
Foam PVC (surface)
pvc foam board
Foam PVC (core)

Take foam PVC sheet as an example, it has many different names, such as PVC foam board, foamex PVC, expanded PVC sheet, closed-cell PVC sheet, Sintra PVC, Forex PVC, Komatex PVC (the last three are well-known PVC foam board brand in the industry).

If the PVC foam board is further subdivided, it can also have three types, namely PVC free foam board, PVC celuka board and PVC co-extruded board. To know the difference between them, please check: What Are the Differences Between the 3 Types of PVC Foam Boards?

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