Corrosion Resistant White Rigid PVC Sheet For Hospital Wall Panel Clean Room Equipment
Corrosion Resistant White Rigid PVC Sheet For Hospital Wall Panel Clean Room Equipment
Corrosion Resistant White Rigid PVC Sheet For Hospital Wall Panel Clean Room Equipment
Corrosion Resistant White Rigid PVC Sheet For Hospital Wall Panel Clean Room Equipment
Corrosion Resistant White Rigid PVC Sheet For Hospital Wall Panel Clean Room Equipment
Corrosion Resistant White Rigid PVC Sheet For Hospital Wall Panel Clean Room Equipment
US $8.8-9.1
200 sheet

Item specifics

Polyvinyl chloride
Custom specifications
Length, width, thickness, color, texture
Processing services
CNC engraving, bending, welding, printing
Supporting services
OEM, ODM, sourcing, prototyping, assembly
Packing method
PE bag, carton, pallet
Transportation mode
FCL/LCL by sea, air, road and rail
Price based on 1220x2440x1mmx1.45



white pvc sheet

White PVC Sheet

White PVC sheet is a rigid plastic sheet made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin and produced by extrusion production technology. PVC sheets with different properties and different grades can be produced by adjusting the formula ratio of the raw materials.

The characteristic of polyvinyl chloride is chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, making white PVC sheet the most common material in the chemical industry.

PVC sheet is easy to process and assemble. It can be cut, drilled and welded by using conventional tools to make self-supporting tanks, fabricated parts, machined parts, lab furniture, etc.

Product Details
For the surface type of white PVC sheet, we have glossy surface, frosted surface and embossed surface.
Glossy pvc sheet
Frosted pvc sheet
Embossed pvc sheet

For the embossed surface type, we have leather texture, wood grain and orange peel grain.
leather textured pvc sheet
wood grain pvc sheet
textured pvc sheet

 RoHS compliant
 REACH compliant
 UL 94 V-0
 ASTM E84-19a
RoHs compliant pvc sheet
REACH compliant pvc sheet
ASTM compliant pvc sheet


Sign & advertising, blister packaging, clock face, plastic cards, price tags, 3D wall tiles, door panels, decorative wall panels, chemical applications such as chemical processing equipment, chemical packaging and transportation, clean room equipment, lab furniture, industrial plastic cabinet, industrial plastic tank, accessories, etc.

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pvc sheet for hospital

Wall And Ceiling For Industrial Kitchen

thermoformable pvc sheetDimensional stability -PVC thermoformed parts are not easy to shrink and deform after cooling
glossy pvc sheetGood surface -clean and nice surface, no impurities and flow line
chemical resistant pvc sheetAcid and alkali resistance -stable chemical performance and corrosion resistance
antistatic pvc sheetAntistatic -suitable for blister packaging of electronic products
self-extinguishing pvc sheetFire performance -common pvc sheets self-extinguishing, strengthened pvc sheets meet UL94 V-0
water resistant pvc sheetLow water absorption -can be used for all wet environments and wet processing equipment
engineering pvc sheetElectrical insulation -can be used for electrical engineering applications
customized pvc sheetEasily fabricated or welded


610mm, 1000mm, 2000mm, 2440mm, length can be customized


610mm, 700mm, 915mm, 1220mm


0.07mm - 30mm


1.36 - 1.8 g/cm3

Surface Types

Glossy, frosted, embossed

Embossed Types

Leather texture, wood grain, orange peel grain

Additional Services
White pvc sheet for door skin
Processing services
Cut to size, CNC routing, bevelling, chamfering, laminating, sanding, printing, hot bending, thermoforming, etc.
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Clear pvc sheet with protective film
Protective film
Cover the board with protective film to avoid scratches. Transparent film and custom film with your logo are available. One side or both sides can be covered.
Boardway PVC sheet warehouse
Custom packaging
Our packing materials are as follows, plastic film or PE bags for wrapping, fumigation-free wooden pallet, carton, metal pallet. Custom packaging is available.
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Options For Customers
For trader, wholesalers, manufacturers
We are glad to provide you with rigid pvc sheet of different grades and performance, such as common sheets, flame retardant reinforced sheets, pvc sheets for thermoforming, printing, folding box, and antibacterial pvc sheets. The size, thickness and density can be customized according to your requirements. Accept mixed specification shipments.
production of white pvc sheet
white pvc sheet with protective film
rigid pvc sheet width 2100mm
For online shops, retail stores
We are able to provide rigid pvc sheets with common sizes and custom sizes, such as 4'x6', 4'x8', 18''x24'', 24''x36'', etc., and pack them into individually packages to facilitate distribution and retail. If your product needs to be sold with other accessories, we have the advantage of resources and are happy to help you purchase, labelling and custom packaging.
Smooth white pvc sheet
white pvc sheet cut-to-size
processed white pvc sheet
For designers, design companies
Supporting services of "products + processing" is our advantage. The rigid PVC sheet can be customized and produced based on your application requirements. We then process the sheets according to your needs, such as die-cutting, printing, vacuum forming etc., and help to test whether the boards meet your standards. Finally to the product proofing and mass production.
Processing for plastic sign letters
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