Super Rigidity Board, PVC Co-extruded foam sheet for funiture industy

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Update Time 2018-12-18
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Provided Service:Cutting, Printing, CNC Engraving, Laminating
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Certificate:RoSH, REACH, Class A @ASTM-E84, Class B2/B1
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Boardway™ Super Rigidity Board

lightweight & strong boards - PVC Foam Board

Super Rigidity Board is a kind of PVC Foam Board, which is made by Co-extruded processing, having a super hard and glossy surface; It is a waterproof, lightweight, expanded rigid plastic sheet material that is used for a variety of applications including furnitures like kitchen and bathroom cabinets, interior decoration, exhibit booths, advertising signs and displays, prototypes, model making, and much, much more. It can be easily sawed, stamped, punched, die cut, sanded, drilled, screwed, nailed, or riveted. It can be bonded together by using PVC adhesives. Its properties include excellent impact resistance, very low water absorption and high corrosion resistance.


  • Anti-UV
  • Flexible;
  • Water-proof
  • Lead-free, Non-toxic;
  • Excellent Formability.
  • Perfect Machinability;
  • Outstanding printability;
  • Lightweight, easily reassembled
  • Excellent Chemical and Corrosion Resistance;


Thickness:  3-30mm
Width:  1220mm,
Other width can be customized.
Size:  4'×8', 4'×10', 4'×18' are standard;
Other size can be customized.
Colour: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Grey are standard
Other colors can be customized according to RAL / Pantone.
Surface: Glossy
Density: 0.4-0.75g/cm3
Printing: Available with all kinds of design.


  Color Number PANTONE RAL

CREAM WHITE NOR-10 none none

PURE WHITE NOR-20 none 9010

YELLOW NOR-30 7548C 1033

RED NOR-40 2348C 2012

D. RED NOR-50 201U none

BLUE NOR-60 2185C none

GREEN NOR-70 2243C none

BLACK NOR-80 Black 3C 9004

GREY NOR-90 5305C 7015

L.YELLOW SPE-630 108C 1021

L.RED SPE-640 2346U none

L.BLUE SPE-660 306U none

L.GREEN SPE-670 2283U none

L.GREY SPE-690 402U none


Boardway™ Super Rigidity Board Application Examples

Boardway™ Super Rigidity Board are excellent alternative to Plywood, MDF, Particleboard, Block Board etc.

Cabinet: Bathroom,
Ambulance, Van, Bus

Floor Board:
Bus & Van

Sign Board:
Bill Board,Printing Board,Logo

Engraving Panel:
For Spa, Office

Tables,Door, Wall,

Kitchen Cabinet:
Hanging Cabinet



Q: What is the difference between PVC Celuka and Super Rigidity Board.

A: the produce process is different, PVC Celuka and Super Rigidity Board both have smooth surface, but Super Rigidity Board has a more glossy and smooth surface, also much harder surface.

Q: Can PVC Super Rigidity Board print?

A: Yes it is printable.

Q: How can we process Super Rigidity Board?

A: We can nail, glue, drill, rout, and cut our Super Rigidity Board by using your regular woodworking machinery and tools.


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