Creative Uses for PVC Foam Board You'd Never Think of

Creative Uses for PVC Foam Board You'd Never Think of


We all know that PVC foam board is very popular in printing and advertising industry, furniture and decoration industry. Do you know what else it can be used for? Let's see and find out.

Creative Uses for PVC Foam Board You'd Never Think of
PVC foam board is an expanded foamed PVC plastic sheet. The PVC foamed core structure makes it lighter, only one third of that of solid PVC sheet. Nevertheless, PVC foam board is not a soft material, but hard and flat.

PVC foam board has many advantages that wooden boards do not have, such as waterproof, mildew-proof, termite resistant, self-extinguishing from fire, can be colored, can have different surface textures, etc., which makes it an ideal alternative to wooden board. At the same time, it is highly processable, and it can be easily processed and handled with common woodworking tools.
PVC Free Foam Board
PVC Free Foam Board
PVC Celuka Foam Board
PVC Celuka Board
PVC Co-extruded Foam Board
PVC Co-extrusion Board

In the previous blog, we listed many common applications of PVC foam sheet.

However, the use of PVC foam boards by customers always surprises us. They are smart and they take advantage of PVC foam board and apply it in some creative and appropriate places. Whenever we get a photo from a client, we think, "Wow, this is actually made of our board?"

Let's take a look at our top five creative uses for PVC foam board.

The PVC foam board is processed into a hollow board and placed around the house. When the sun shines through the hollow panel, it creates a nice shadow.
pvc foam board openwork
PVC Foam Board Openwork
PVC foam board as hollow board
PVC Foam Board as Hollow Board

This flower box is made of PVC foam board and PVC profile. Our customer chooses a weather-resistant PVC foam sheet, which is waterproof and uv-resistant for outdoor use, can be directly cleaned by water. Low maintenance cost.
PVC Flower Box
Flower Box (PVC Foam Board)
Foamed PVC Profile
Foamed PVC Profile

Our customer is a local pool seller in New Zealand. He wanted to make the pool customizable by changing the surrounding panels. Panels are available in a variety of patterns, and custom printed patterns are also available. Aluminum sheets and ACP panels were rejected due to their higher price and weight, and PVC foam sheets became the best choice.
Printed PVC Foam Board
Printed PVC Foam Board
PVC Foam Panel on Pool
PVC Foam Panel on Pool

PVC foam board is used as the substrate for wedding photo frame or art photo frame.
The traditional method is to print photos on copy paper, paste them on MDF boards, and mount them in frames. However, our customers print photos directly on our 5mm and 8mm thick PVC foam boards and frame them directly. The wedding photo frame and art photo frame made in this way have delicate printing effects, and are not easy to mold or discolor. It is aimed at higher-end consumer groups.
PVC Foam Board as substrate
PVC Foam Board as substrate
Printing on PVC Foam Board
Printing on PVC Foam Board

When it comes to PVC foam board, we always think of its light weight and waterproof advantages. But it is the first time we have seen an application that can make full use of these two advantages. PVC foam board can float on the water. This ensures that the melon seedlings can absorb just enough water.
PVC Foam Board
PVC Foam sheet for farming

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