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What are the suitable materials for Sign Board?

There are many kinds of sign material, PP correx sheet, PVC foam sheet, PVC Rigid sheet, acrylic sheet. which material should I choose for my project? How can we recommend the suitable materials to my customers? Here we are going to talk about these different sign materials. PP corrugated sheet / PP correx sheet / PP hollow sheet / Corflute sheet / Coroplast sheet Thickness range: 1.8mm - 14.5mmAdvantages:●Light weight ●Low cost ●Indoor & outdoor ●Corona treat surface suitable for printing●Ways of processing: Die cut, screen printing and uv printing ●Popular areas to use: exhibition, construction sign, yard sign, food booth, store sign.  PVC foam sheet / Forex sheet Thickness range: 1mm - 30mmAdvantages:●Waterproof ●Light weight ●Printable surface●Indoor and outdoor ●Way of processing: engraving, silk screen printing and uv printing●Popular areas to use: Exhibit Spaces, Exhibit Spaces, POP Displays, wood replacement.  Color rigid PVC sheet  Thickness range: 0.11mm - 60mmAdvantages:●Opaque●Waterproof ●Printable surface●Rigid and strong  ●Way of processing: engraving, silk screen printing and uv printing●Popular areas to use: Exhibit Spaces, POP Displays, partition panel. Transparent PVC sheet  Advantages:●High transparence●Waterproof ●Printable surface●Rigid and strong  ●Way of processing: engraving, silk screen printing and uv printing●Popular areas to use: sign board, divider, packaging boxes Acrylic sheet Advantages:●High transparence●Weather resistance.●Easy to Fabricate●Good electrical and UV resistivity●Outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and weathering●Way of processing: engraving, Laser cutting, silk screen printing and uv printing●Popular area to use: Indoor and outdoor signs, Architectural glazing, skylights, Brochure holders, Shelves and retail fixtures, Frames and display cases Boardway is a professional manufacturer for plastic sign board materials, we are supplying PVC foam board, PP corrugated sheet, rigid PVC sheet, acrylic sheet. Boardway also provides customized processing services, such as cut-to-size, CNC engraving, silk screen printing and UV printing. Welcome to contact us for more details.

How To Distinguish Between HDPE and Polypropylene?

How To Distinguish Between HDPE and Polypropylene? PolypropyleneA synthetic resin built up by the polymerization of propylene.It can be divided into copolymer polypropylene and homopolymer polypropylene.Polypropyleneis non-toxic,tasteless and waterproof with low density, which can be used at around 100℃.It has good chemical stability and is almost stable except for hot concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid and concentrated alkali attacking.It has excellent high frequency electrical performance and is not affected by temperature, and is easy to be formed as well. While they have some disadvantages as well.1. Wear resistance is not good enough.2. Shrinkage occurs upon cooling after thermal processing.3. It is easy to crack under low temperature.4. Low thermal deformation temperature than HDPE's. Polyethylene A thermoplastic polymer with variable crystalline structure and an extremely large range of applications depending on the particular type. PE is odorless, non-toxic, feeling like wax with excellent low temperature resistance (minimum use temperature can reach -100~-70 °C). It has stable chemical properties and is resistant to most acids and alkalis (not resistant to acids with oxidizingproperties). It is insoluble in common solvents at room temperature, has low water absorption and excellent electrical insulation. PE are basically divided into three categories: LDPE, HDPEand LLDPE.HDPE is a high-density polyethylene, which is called "HighDensityPolyethylene" or "HDPE". HDPE is a highly crystalline, non-polar thermoplastic resin.Main features: non-toxic, odorless, odorless, melting point is about 130 °C. It has good heat resistance and cold resistance, good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, and good mechanical strength. Dielectric properties and environmental stress crack resistance are good as well. Both PP and HDPE can be used for food packaging, and they look similar in appearance. But what are the main differences between the two? 1. HDPE has higher strength and stiffness than PP.2. PP is more translucent than HDPE.3. HDPE has better performance on heat resistant, low temperature resistance, anti-aging and toughness than PP.4. The price of PP is slightly lower than HDPE.5. In terms of application, since HDPE performs better than PP in rigidity and strength, it is often used as mechanical parts and components. While PP is often used to make sinks, plating tanks or containers. So how can we distinguish between PP and HDPE?1.By TouchingThe surface and sides of the HDPE board are smoother, while the cut surface of the PP board has some burrs and feels rough. Therefore, they can be distinguished by touching the surfaces.2. By Burning NameFlammabilityCombustion StateAfter ExtinguishingSmell PPEasy The PP sample burns with yellow flame and its melts drop relatively quick. Keep burning with some curling smoke.  Slight petrol HDPEEasy The HDPE sample burns with blue-yellow flame and its melts drop relatively slow. Keep burning with heavy smoke. Heavy paraffin wax

What is the difference between corrugated plastic sheet and polypropylene honeycomb panel?

What is the difference between corrugated plastic sheet and polypropylene honeycomb panel? Both corrugated plastic sheet and polypropylene honeycomb panel are a high technology hollow structure with features such as lightweight,non-toxic,waterproof,anti-termite,vibration damping,anti-aging and corrosion resistant.Through adjusting formula or the chemical treatment of the surface, these polypropylene sheets have excellent performance on properties such as easy printing, UV resistance, flame retardant,electrical conduction and anti-static.ESD Anti-static polypropylene sheets can be tailored to offer electrical properties spanning the surface resistivity spectrum from 106 to 1010 ohm/sq.Conductive polypropylene sheets can be tailored to offer electrical properties spanning the surface resistivity spectrum from 103 to 105 ohm/sq. Conductive Turnover Boxes Workpiece Container But what is the difference between corrugated plastic sheet and polypropylene honeycomb panel? 1. Color Corrugated plastic sheet is very rich in color. The commonly used colors are: white, yellow, green, blue, red, black, gray etc.Color can also be customized, reaching 90% close to the original. The color of polypropylene honeycomb panel is mainly gray, followed by black and white. The color can also be customized.But due to high processing cost, the customized color is higher than that of corrugated plastic sheet. 2. StructureCorrugated plastic sheet has twin wall profile extrusion, joined by series of vertical ribs. Line pattern surface Wave Pattern Surface Polypropylene honeycomb panel is a sandwich structure with a honeycomb structure inside and two flat surfaces with either a bubble format or matte finish. Matte Finish Surface Bubble Format Surface Honeycomb Structure 3. Physical properties When compared with corrugated plastic sheet,honeycomb panel has a better performance on resistance to high strength,impact and bendingstresses, and on sound absorption and vibration damping as well due to its different structure. 4. Application The main application of corrugated plastic sheet: l Turnover boxesof holding fruit or orchidsl Turnover boxes of electrical & electronic appliancel Turnover boxes of carry-home packs of beveragesl Unit/bulk packs of pharmaceuticals Industrial usage board such as wire/cable wrapping,glass/steel board wrapping,cushion,rack, clapboard,padding board,luggage carrier,separating board,baseboard,cross board,etc. Electronic industry packaging Electrical and electronic components can be destroyed by electrostatic discharge. Conductive PP corrugated box / sheet prevents the generation of electrostatic charges and conducts previously existing charges away in a controlled manner. Advertising Through corona treatment, PP hollow sheet can be used as advertising board, show board, brand mark, light box board,etc. Household use temporary plastic partition wall,                                                 wall covering protection,roofing sheets,                                                 container covers etc.  Others application            Back panel in washing machines,       water heaters,        baby carriages       cars, etc. Main applications of PP honeycomb panel: l heavier duty containers / Sleeve-pack/ Foldable containers l smaller (foldable) packaging boxesl pastic pallet                     honeycomb flat panel for curtain wall billboard with high stiffness boats, yachts and ships interior aircraft structural panels plastic partition wall and merchandise display stand caravan,motorhome,commercial transport vehicle and container truck body automotive and transportation industries  non-woven fabric honeycomb board for trunk mat

Can corrugated plastic sheet, plastic honeycomb panel and X type hollow sheet be used outdoors?

Can corrugated plastic sheet, plastic honeycomb panel and X type twin wall hollow sheet  be used outdoors?   If the above 3 kinds of PP corrugated sheets are to be used for a long time under the conditions of sun and rain, they need to be able to resist aging. So, how can we slow down the aging speed of these PP corrugated sheets?First of all, we need to know the outdoor conditions where the PP corrugated sheets are used:1. Intensity of sun exposure (annual average ultraviolet radiation, continuous data of at least 10 years)2. Humidity and annual precipitation3. The lowest temperature PP Corrugated Sheet View more about Boardway's PP corrugated sheet. PP Honeycomb Sheet & X Type Twin Wall Hollow Sheet View more about Boardway's PP honeycomb sheet and X type hollow sheet. Besides, we also need to know how long the PP corrugated sheets can be used.Generally speaking, PP corrugated sheets for outdoor use are applied to advertising, carriages and construction sites etc. The life span depends on using environment and these sheets' application. The higher the ultraviolet light, the more precipitation, the more humid the environment, and the lower the temperature, the aging speed of the PP plastic hollow board will be faster.PP corrugated sheets are deteriorated by light, heat, moisture, oxidation and other factors, which cause the material to fade and lose its original mechanical properties. After adding anti-UV agent to the sample, the change is not obvious after 12 months of sun and rain.(from Jan 2018 to Oct 2018) However, the sample without the anti-UV agent has a poorer effect for outdoor use under the same weather condition for 12 months Therefore, to slow down the aging rate of PP corrugated sheets, the production formula can be appropriately adjusted according to different uses as follows:1.Adding appropriate ultraviolet light absorber and antioxidant can effectively improve the sheets' weathering resistance.2.To maintain the durability of the color, it is necessary to add weathering pigment to adjust the color of the swatch, such as iron oxide red, phthalocyanine blue, carbon black, green, and dioxin color, which can improve its weather resistance.3.In the polypropylene hollow sheet formula, adding an appropriate amount of dioxins can greatly improve the weathering resistance.4. In the polypropylene hollow sheet formula, a certain antimony stabilizer is added to replace the lead salt stabilizer, which has a corresponding improvement on the impact toughness and atmospheric aging resistance. For Boardway (Polyreflex's) plastic sheets, life spans of different products are as below:1. PP corrugated sheets can be used outdoors for 2 years.                                   UV Absorber2. Plastic honeycomb panel and X type twin wall hollow sheet: Standard products can be used outdoors for 3 years; if there are special requirements like extending the life span of the product, high-quality UV absorber can be added to meet more than 5 years service life. 

Flame Retardant Performance Of PP Corrugated Sheet/ Plastic Honeycomb Sheet / X-wall Plastic Sheet

PP corrugated sheet/ plastic honeycomb sheet / X-wall plastic sheet, which are commonly used for general packaging,do not require flame retardant, but will do when used for packaging, transportation and padding of electronic products, and when used for packaging, logistics and car interior in automotive industry.  Boardway's PP corrugated sheet/ plastic honeycomb sheet / X-wall plastic sheet can pass the test of UL94 standard. The specific conditions are as follows:UL94 flame retardant grade can be divided into V0, V1 and V2 grades. V0 ranks the highest, due to its most excellent flame retardant performance. Of course, the price also ranks the highest. In most cases, Boardway's polypropylene products that can pass V1 and V2 grades are accepted by most customers. Polypropylene products are mainly used in electronics, home appliances, advertising, packaging, construction, automotive industry, car interiors and other industries.So, how to test whether the polypropylene sheet is flame retardant? A series of tests conducted by a professional laboratory will give you an answer. But is it possible to test by yourself whether the polypropylene corrugated sheet from your supplier is flame retardant or not? In fact, there is a simple way shown as below to get the result.1. Cut a few samples from the product, size can be 2x12cm.2. The bar specimens were clamped from the upper 6 mm of the specimen, with the longitudinal axis vertical and then subjected to a standard test flame for two 10s flame applications. The after flame time is recorded after the first flame application, and the after flame and afterglow times are recorded after the second flame applications. You also need to record whether flaming particles of drops from the specimen. Information is also recorded on whether or not flaming material drips from the specimen.3. Material shall be classified V-0, V-1 or V-2 on the basis of results observation on small bar specimen when tested as described in the standard. Criteria conditions V-O V-1 V-2 Afterflame time for each individual specimen t1 or t2. ≤10s ≤30s ≤30s Total afterflame time for any condition set(t1 plus t2 for the 5 specimens) ≤50s ≤250s ≤250s Afterflame plus afterglow time for each individual specimen after the second flame application(t2 plus t3) ≤30s ≤60s ≤60s Afterflame or afterglow of any specimen up to the holding clampNoNoNoCotton indicator ignited by flaming particles of dropsNoNoNo 4. If only one specimen from a set of five specimens does not comply with the requirements, another set of five specimens is to be tested. in the case of the total number of seconds of flaming, an additional set of five specimens is to be tested if the totals are in the range of 51-55 seconds for V0 and 251-255 seconds for V1 and V2. all specimens from this second set shall comply with the appropriate requirement in order for the material in that thickness to be classified V0, V1, V2. 5. Boardway's PP corrugated sheet extinguishes within 10 seconds from the fire with flaming material drips, so can reach the V2 level.Since Boardway's PP honeycomb board is mostly used as automotive interior materials, wehave conducted the tests according toFMVSS302 and TSM7605G:2006 standards for automotive interior parts. All of Boardway's polypropylene products can pass most customers' requirement of burning speed, ie≤100mm/min. These products are widely used in some domestic large-scale automobile factories such as Toyota and Honda, and some auto parts factories and assembly plants in South Korea, Southeast Asia and South America. Intertek Test Report

Why PP corrugated sheet need corona treatment?

1. What is corona treatment?Corona treatment is an electric shock treatment that gives the surface of the substrate a stronger adhesion. 2. Corona treatment principle:The principle is to use a high frequency and high voltage to corona discharge on the surface of the treated plastic to produce a low temperature plasma.These ions are destroyed by electromagnetic shock and penetration into the surface of the substrates to oxidize and polarize the surface’s molecules. Ion shocks and erodes the surface, increasing the adhesion of the substrate surface. 3. How to judge whether the corona treatment is qualified?Dyne test pens (≥38 mN/m) can be used as a quick test tool for surface energy after corona treatment, but are not suitable for tests for printed or coated surfaces. If the test pen draws a continuous line on the corona treated surface, we can say the surface energy of the material is not less than 38 mN/m. If the line is intermittent, the surface energy of the material is less than 38mN/m, indicating it is insufficient or even untreated, and thus does not meet the printing requirements. 4. Can I use the same corona treatment machine for polypropylene corrugated sheets with different thicknesses?PP corrugated sheets for advertising need to be corona treated, and the thickness of the sheets is usually 2-6mm;Generally speaking, the power required for corona treatment of thin sheets (2-6 mm) is small, but the power required for corona treatment of thick sheets (8-10 mm) is double more.If the power of the corona treatment machine is can be adjustable, then the machine can operate the corona treatment on either thick pp hollow sheets or thin ones. 5. What should I pay attention to when using a corona-treated PP corrugated sheet?1)Try not to paste a temporarily used sticker on the corona-treated PP sheet because it has a strong adsorption to the glue. The glue will penetrate into the surface of the sheet and is difficult to remove.2)Keep clean of pp corrugated sheet. The corona treated sheet has a strong adsorption force for dust.3)Corona treated sheets have an optimum life span of six months. After six months, the corona effect will become weak. Therefore it is recommended to print and use the polypropylene corrugated sheets within half a year to ensure the best effect.