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Silk Screen Printing Q&As

Q1 What are the plastic sheets suitable for silk screen printing? How do we purchase materials and customize silk screen printing? Screen printing is suitable for most plastic sheets, including lightweight plastic sheets, such as PVC foam sheets and PP corrugated sheets. And various rigid solid plastic sheets, including acrylic, PVC, PET, ABS, PC, PS.You may buy these plastic sheets directly from us. In addition, we also provide custom silk screen printing services. For custom silk screen printing, all we need is the drawing of the printed pattern. Format of the drawing can be pdf, bmp, dxf, dwg, ai, eps. Q2 Is the silk screen printing pattern waterproof? The silk screen pattern is waterproof. As long as you inform us how to use it and its usage environment, we will use suitable plastic sheets and waterproof inks.However, it should be noted that there are two types of printing inks: water-based inks and oil-based inks. The ink used in silk screen printing is oil-based ink. Oil-based inks can be dissolved in oil-based liquids. Therefore, be careful not to use oil to wipe the silk screen printing pattern. Q3 Can silk-screened billboards be used outdoors? If it is a billboard for outdoor use, then what we need to consider is that both the substrate and the ink are UV-resistant and non-fading.Different advertising materials have different UV resistance. Common plastic sheets that can be used outdoors include PVC foam board, PP corrugated sheet, acrylic and ABS sheet. We can also enhance the UV resistance of plastic sheets by adding UV-resistant agents. If you have such needs, please remember to inform the seller of its outdoor use environment and its service life.Silk-screened billboards can be used outdoors. The inks we used for silk screen printing are specially designed for outdoor use. We can guarantee that the silk-screened pattern will not change color when used outdoors for at least two years. Q4 Can silk screen printing be done with translucent? The answer is YES. First of all, the material must be a thin plastic sheet with high transparency. For example, this custom product we show in the image below. The material we use is PET sheet with the thickness of 1mm.When we lay this product flat, all we see is a picture (left image below). But when we give a strong light on its back, the place where the translucent printing is made will be illuminated by the strong light (the letter in the right picture below). This is the translucent of silk screen printing.You may be wondering: how do we ensure that every product has the same translucency?In order to make the translucency of each position on the product consistent, or to make the translucency of each product consistent, we use a light transmittance tester. The light transmittance tester can express the transmittance of the position in percentage, which helps us to improve the processing technology more scientifically. Q5 What does the surface of the silk screen pattern look like? The surface of silk screen printing can be a glossy surface or a frosted surface. Common silk screen printing surface is mostly glossy. If customer is looking for a frosted surface on the printed parts, all we need to do is to add an additional layer of frosted oil to the printed parts. Q6 Can the printed product be covered with protective film? Yes, the printed product can be covered with a protective film. If a customized product needs CNC cutting or hot bending after silk screen printing, then we can coat the printed product with a protective film. This can effectively prevent the product from being soiled or scratched in the subsequent processes. Boardway is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the manufacture, wholesale and processing of PVC foam board. We have more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture and processing of plastic sheets. If you would like to know more about our products and processing services, please feel free to give us a call at +86 138 2826 6785 or email us at sale@boardwaybuilding.com.

How to cut pvc foam sheet? CNC or laser cutting?

Before we answer the question, let's disucss what is the heat distortion and melting temperatures of PVC sheet? The heat stability of raw PVC is very poor, so the addition of a heat stabilizer during the process is necessary in order to ensure the product's properties.Traditional product PVC has a maximum operating temperature around 60 °C (140 °F) when heat distortion begins to occur.Melting temperatures range from 100 °C (212 °F) to 260 °C (500 °F) depending upon manufacture additives to the PVC. For CNC machine, during cutting PVC foam sheet, which will produce low heat between the cutting tool and pvc sheet, which is about about 20 °C (42 °F), while cutting other material such as HPL, the heat is higher, about 40°C (84°F).For laser cutting, depend on the material and power factor, 1. for cutting no metel it is about 800-1000 °C (1696 -2120°F) . 2. cutting metel is about 2000 °C (4240°F). Conclusion PVC board is suitable to processing with CNC machine, not by laser cutting. The high temperature brought by laser cutting will cause the PVC boardto burn and turn yellow, or even soften and deform. Here is a list for your reference:Material suitable to cut by CNC machine: PVC sheet, including pvc foam sheet and PVC rigid sheet, WPC foam sheet, cement board, HPL panel, aluminium panel, PP corrugated sheet (PP correx sheet), solid PP sheet, PE sheet and ABS.Mateiral suitable to cut by Laser machine: wood, acrylic sheet, PET sheet, metal.

What are the loading methods for the goods?

Effective loading requires both cargo safety and unloading safety. For plastic sheets, we have large size sheets, such as 1.22 x 2.44m, 1.56 x 3.05m, 2.05 x 3.05m, and small size sheets after sawing, or some irregular shapes after cnc engraving. In addition, for some customized products that are processed by thermal bending or welding, they are usually three-dimensional. These are the loadings that we are good at and often do. Horizontal and vertical placement for large size sheets Horizontal placement for large size sheets Loading for small size sheets or irregular shapes After years of loading and exporting, We have gained rich experience in loading any single or mixed loading of different packaging products, so as to make full use of space, keep the goods from damage and ensure the safety for unloading workers.If you want to know the loading quantity of the products you need, or want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.

What packing methods do we provide?

Packaging plays an important role in the products itself, especially for import and export business. Effective packing can ensure that the plastic sheets are not damaged during long-term transportation and multi-way transit, and can also prevent the plastic sheets from bending and deforming when stored in the warehouse. Our standard packing material for exporting plastic boards include PE bags, cardboard, plywood pallets, fumigated solid wood pallets, and metal pallets.For wholesaler type clients, we recommend using carton packaging or PE bag packaging. 2~6  plastic boards can be packed into one package, which is convenient for direct delivery to buyers and inventory data recording.For processing and manufacturing clients, we recommend more environmentally friendly packaging methods, such as pallet packaging, so as to reduce the amount of paper used. The pallets can be reused many times. PE bags Cardboard Plywood pallets / fumigated solid wood pallets Metal pallets We provide customized packaging services. In order to facilitate identification and inventory management, we can put labels on product packaging, including product information, lot number, barcode.If the product will be delivered directly to your buyer, your logo can be printed on the outer packaging of the product. If it is a processed plastic products, and it will be sold directly in the online shop or store, we can provide customized inner packaging and outer packaging with printing.If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.

Can WPC Foam Sheets Be Used As Flooring?

Can WPC Foam Sheets Be Used As Flooring? WPC foam sheet also called wood composite plastic sheet, it is very similar to PVC foam sheet, the difference between them is that there is about 5% wood powder in WPC foam sheet, pvc foam sheet is pure plastic. So normally wpc foam sheet is more like wood color, as the pictures show in below.  WPC foam sheet is lightweight, waterproof, mildewproof, mothproof. √ Thickness from 3-30mm√ Available width is 915mm and 1220mm, with no limited length√ Standard size is 915*1830mm, 1220*2440mmWith the outstanding waterproof performance, WPC foam sheets are used a lot in the furniture, especially bathroom and kitchen furniture, outdoor furniture. Such as cabinet, cupboard, barbecue sets, balcony washing closet, chair and table, electricity box.  Some of our customers use WPC foam sheets for flooring. Traditional flooring material is plywood, MDF in the middle layer and on laminated with viny material, baboo and solid wood on the top. But the problem with plywood or MDF are not waterproof and have termite problem. After a few years of use, the wooden floor will warp due to moisture and water absorption, and will be eaten by termites. However, WPC foam board is a great replacement for this material can meet the requirements as the water absorption of wpc foam sheet is less than 1%. Popular thickness for using as the middle layer of the flooring: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm 12mm with at least 0.85 density (higher density can greatly solve the strength problem). Here is example (refer to the pictures above) : 5mm wpc foam sheet in the middle and 7mm total thickness. WPC foam sheet is easy to cut, saw, nail with conventional machines and tools used for plywood. Boardway provides customize cutting service. We can also sand the surface of WPC foam sheets and provide sanding services on one or both sides. After sanding, the surface adhesion will be better, and it will be easier to laminate other materials.

What is the difference between wood formwork and pvc formwork?

There are several kinds of construction formwork in the market now, plywood formwork panel, PVC formwork panel and aluminum formwork panel. There are pro and con for each of the material. MATERIAL PRO CON Plywood Formwork Low cost 5-8 recycle times PVC Formwork 30-50 recycle times Higher cost Aluminum Formwork 30-50 recycle times Heavy and very high cost We can take Aluminum out for now, is that any way for customer to choose to use plywood or pvc formwork panel?The answer is yes !! We had done a few tests in our construction site. Combining plywood and pvc formwork panel in the construction site can greatly help with comparing the cost while getting the max recycling times.  Comparison Between PVC Formwork And Plywood Formwork In The Same Construction Site Plywood formwork and pvc formwork after the same recycle times. You may see the differences. Normal plywood formwork can reuse about 5 times, with a better quality one (faced film) may be able to reuse 8-10 times. For construction, there are places need to use full size panel, we would suggest using pvc formwork panel, for examples, roof, wall.For the place required small cut size, such as the corner, edge, pillar, we recommend using plywood, as the size of each floor are difference, so as plywood cost less, so after a few times reuse, cut a new one to replace. Won’t cost much. Last but not least, with the frame structure, strongly recommend using pvc formwork panel. The longer that the material can last the lower the cost.  Recommended Product: PVC Concrete Formwork

What are the suitable materials for Sign Board?

There are many kinds of sign material, PP correx sheet, PVC foam sheet, PVC Rigid sheet, acrylic sheet. which material should I choose for my project? How can we recommend the suitable materials to my customers? Here we are going to talk about these different sign materials. PP corrugated sheet / PP correx sheet / PP hollow sheet / Corflute sheet / Coroplast sheet Thickness range: 1.8mm - 14.5mmAdvantages:●Light weight ●Low cost ●Indoor & outdoor ●Corona treat surface suitable for printing●Ways of processing: Die cut, screen printing and uv printing ●Popular areas to use: exhibition, construction sign, yard sign, food booth, store sign.  PVC foam sheet / Forex sheet Thickness range: 1mm - 30mmAdvantages:●Waterproof ●Light weight ●Printable surface●Indoor and outdoor ●Way of processing: engraving, silk screen printing and uv printing●Popular areas to use: Exhibit Spaces, Exhibit Spaces, POP Displays, wood replacement.  Color rigid PVC sheet  Thickness range: 0.11mm - 60mmAdvantages:●Opaque●Waterproof ●Printable surface●Rigid and strong  ●Way of processing: engraving, silk screen printing and uv printing●Popular areas to use: Exhibit Spaces, POP Displays, partition panel. Transparent PVC sheet  Advantages:●High transparence●Waterproof ●Printable surface●Rigid and strong  ●Way of processing: engraving, silk screen printing and uv printing●Popular areas to use: sign board, divider, packaging boxes Acrylic sheet Advantages:●High transparence●Weather resistance.●Easy to Fabricate●Good electrical and UV resistivity●Outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and weathering●Way of processing: engraving, Laser cutting, silk screen printing and uv printing●Popular area to use: Indoor and outdoor signs, Architectural glazing, skylights, Brochure holders, Shelves and retail fixtures, Frames and display cases Boardway is a professional manufacturer for plastic sign board materials, we are supplying PVC foam board, PP corrugated sheet, rigid PVC sheet, acrylic sheet. Boardway also provides customized processing services, such as cut-to-size, CNC engraving, silk screen printing and UV printing. Welcome to contact us for more details.

What types of PVC foam boards are available?

PVC foam sheets are used a lot in the sign industry. According to the manufacturing process, there are 3 main types. * PVC free foam sheet from 1-6mm with slightly matt surface, which are very popular for sign with printing. * PVC celuka foam sheet from 3-30mm with smooth surface, which use a lot in sign and building industry, as advertising thick letters, engraving partition panel. * The 3-20mm PVC co-extruded foam sheet produced by new manufacturing technology can not only make the surface high gloss and super hard, but also make the core and surface color different. Because of its excellent surface properties, it is increasingly used in the field of signs, especially for making letters. It also has good engraving property, the edge can be very smooth after processing.  Boardway is a professional manufacturer for PVC foam board, providing PVC foam boards for advertising, furniture, decoration, construction, etc. Boardway also provides customized processing services, such as cut-to-size, CNC engraving, printing, gluing surfaces. Welcome to contact us for more details.

WPC foam sheet with sanding surface

WPC foam sheet which uses a lot for furniture especially tabletop, normally produce with a smooth or texture surface. As the market requirements, customer want more surface options, as a lot of our customers use WPC foam sheet to replace of MDF, for MDF customers normally laminated with melamine. with lamented a thin material, for examples melamine or very thin pvc film, required a very fine surface. For meeting this requirement, boardway provide WPC foam sheet with sanding surface as follows. There are different Mesh of the sanding paper, 180 mesh is the most common one customer order now, which is good for pvc film lamination. If you need to laminate with thinner material for examples melamine, we can provide finer surface. Professional sanding machine, max width is 1220mm, length have not limited. Thickness from 6-30mm. density recommend: 0.6g/cm3 

Clear PVC sheets used for outdoor letter

Clear PVC Sheets Used for Outdoor Letter  Clear PVC ("Water Clear" Transparent) PVC Sheets provide solutions to various applications in populated indoor and outdoor areas. Clear PVC Sheets combine excellent mechanical properties and impact strength, water-clear clarity, excellent resistance to chemicals and fire resistance. It withstands many chemical agents and can be easily formed using various fabrication techniques.The picture below on the left shows the spare parts for door, picture below on the right shows the outdoor sign. With the above excellent properties and printable make Clear PVC Sheets extremely popular for outdoor letter usage. MADE TO ORDER We don't cut it till you order it. Clear PVC sheets letters are custom cut per order. Design your lettering with fonts, sizes, and colors. * Thickness: we can produce thickness from 0.2mm to 2mm, up to 30mm, the most common thickness customers use is 0.6mm.* Colors: the most popular is black and red, if you want other colors, also available. * Printing: we do the silk printing, ink is seismically outdoor usage ink.* Packing: customized, usually inner color box and outer carton. Below are some pictures of our processing and packing.

Pros and Cons of PVC Cabinets

Pros and Cons of PVC cabinets PVC foam board is the best material for making kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. PVC foam board is a kind of uniform foamed, rigid lightweight PVC plastic board. Compared with traditional materials, such as MDF, particle board and plywood, the outstanding performance of PVC foam board is waterproof, mildew proof and mothproof. PVC cabinets have an elegant appearance, are easy to maintain, and have a longer service life. BOARDWAY had been dealing with PVC foam sheet more than 10 years, from 1 production line now we have 9 production lines: 2 lines for Free foam board5 lines for Celuka foam board2 lines for Co-extruded board PVC foam sheet can be used in many application, one of the biggest field that our customer apply for is cabinet. So what is the Pros and Cons of PVC cabinets? Pros ● 100% WATER-RESISTANT, it is a perfect material for kitchen.● RESTISTANCE AGAINST TERMITES AND MOLD, no need to worry about this anymore. ● NO CRACKING & SWELLING, can last for long time.● VARIOUS SURFACE OPTIONS, surface can paint to any colors or laminate to pvc film, HPL and aluminium panel.● THERMOFORMABLE, can be shaped under the action of heat.● FIRE RESISTANCE, PVC cabinet is self-extinguishing. Cons ● The cost is higher than the traditional material, for example, MDF and particle board.● It may sag if putting too heavy item on them for long time.● Afraid of bumps and scratches, but once damaged, it is difficult to repair.● It will deform under long-term high temperature (above 70 degrees) operation.If you have any further questions about PVC cabinets, please feel free to contact us.


PROFESSIONAL PROCESSING FACTOY FOR HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATEToday's High Pressure Laminate offers unprecedented design and budget flexibility and is regarded as the most environmentally friendly decorative surface.As one of the most innovative decorative surface materials on the market,Boardway High Pressure Laminate offers long-lasting beauty and reliable performance at an affordable price.We could accept the OEM and the ODM, processing the product according to your special requirement and your design. 一、So what advantage of the high Pressure Laminate have?Resistant to heat and fire.No rust, no fold, no smell. Customized is available.Easy to install and clean.High degree of design freedomResistant to water and moisture, anti-impact.anti-scratch.二、PRODUCT ARTIST If you would like to know more information,plz feel free to contact with us . 


HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE FOR LOCKERSHigh pressure laminate (HPL) (Thermosetting resin impregnated laminate panel), is manufactured by layers kraft papers impregnated with phenolic resin.And the decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin, pressed by steel plate under high temperature and high pressure, it have rich surface colors and special physical properties,widely used for interior decoration, toilet partition, furniture, cabinets, laboratory table, exterior cladding wall panels, etc.1) HPL LOCKERSHPL Lockers are made of 100% Phenolic Compact Laminate and Hardware Structure, is widely used in school, natatoria, sauna and leisure center, shopping malls etc. As the changing room lockers, storage lockers, school gym lockers, sports lockers and so on.2) PRODUCT SPECIFICATION 3) AVAILABLE COLORSIf you would like to know more information,plz feel free to contact with us .  

PVC sheet for door making

PVC sheet for door making Both PVC foam sheet and PVC rigid sheet have many different application, with a good waterproof advantage, they can both use for making door, mainly is for bathroom door. In Thailand because of the high humidity, they are using a lot for their living door, office door as well.  See the below pictures, make from PVC rigid sheet and PVC foam sheet.  How customer make it?  If customer use a PVC foam board, using a 25mm PVC foam sheet directly making it as a full door, or they can also put the foam part in the middle of 2 pvc rigid sheet, see the below pictures, 1st one is full 25mm pvc celuka foam board, 2nd and 3rd pictures is middle PVC foam, top and bottom is 2mm PVC rigid sheet.If using PVC rigid sheet, combine with pvc foam sheet as we mentioned above, but for saving cost, customer will use a cheaper material in the middle, for example, extruded polystyrene foam, honeycomb paper board.  The PVC rigid sheet can also be made by different kind of embossed sueface.These are some popular size and thickness for door making:  PVC foam boardPopular thickness: 3mm , 12mm and 25mm Common size: 800*2150mm, 900*2150mm PVC rigid sheetPopular thickness: 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 2mm Common size: 915*2150mm, 930*2330mm, 975*2175mmIf you would like to know more information, please feel free to contact with us.